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Geoff Thierman

Using radio triggers as "go codes" to activate a squad's waypoints

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Hi, pretty new to arma scripting.

I'm trying to control some scripted fire teams' movement with "go codes." What I'd like to be able to do is call radio alpha to activate alpha squad's first waypoint, then radio alpha to activate alpha's next waypoint, and so on. I'd like to do the same for bravo. 


I can also use triggers activated by the trigger owner presence to simulate the movement but that gives me less control and removes the feeling like I'm commanding the fireteams. 

Looking around online didn't turn up much. It seems like radio triggers, once activated stay activated? Is what I'm trying to do even possible via scripting? I did manage to get a repeated trigger scripted in the init but it only works for the first waypoint.


Any ideas on how to approach this would be appreciated, thanks!!

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First read:



Then consult:



Now, for doing this in the Eden editor you are going to (i'm not on Arma so beware):

Alpha Group Leader's Init:

GOALPHA = false;



Radio Alpha [Repeatable]

Condition: this && !GOALPHA

On Activation: GOALPHA = true;


On Each Waypoint:

Condition: replace TRUE with GOALPHA

On Activation: GOALPHA = false;


Credits to terox for giving the correct answer to the overall dilemma.


It should work somewhere along those lines (might be missing some quotes or something) , but I didn't tested it so let us know. It's a good idea you got there 🙂 👍

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