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Alright,so i added the 35mm shells used by the Tigris to a T-140K Angara which has a sensor and datalink window,grouped to a Nyx Recon(RADAR on) and the Target Lead indicator works!!


So these are the things that i've learned:-

1."ballisticsComputer" value under CfgWeapons for the Mora cannon should be "2+4"

2.Vehicle must have a radar or a data link system

3.It must be able to lock onto targets with atleast a square bracket lock(not the full square lock,the ones with only the corners)



So these are the things i should do in order to get a target lead indicator for a special AA variant of the Mora:-

1.make a new ammo type with the 30mm,the only difference being defining the ballisticsComputer value as "2+4",and setting the FCSmaxLeadspeed and FCSZeroingDelay

2.Add a radar(complicated) or a datalink sensor(easier) to the Mora

3.Make the Mora be able to lock onto targets in it's sensor window(Nyx recon can't lock onto it's radar targets )


I need help to achieve steps 1-3

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