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Changelog 0.8.40768 - Random Duos Update

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Added: Team member marker.
Added: Player becomes a Threat after killing a teammate.
Added: Random duos. 

Changed: Icon over players head in the lobby made visible. 
Changed: Layout of the random duos panel in the Shelter Map.

Fixed: Fix GroupSystem events when using GroupSimulate console command.
Fixed: Try setting only one GroupSessionId for random duos joining together on Xbox.
Fixed: Retry multiple times on a client when creating Xbox team for random duos. Don't run multiple Xbox requests at the same time.
Fixed: Player is not marked as a threat after killing a non-team player. 
Fixed: Player isn't marked as a threat multiple times after killing more teammates.
Fixed: Create a public group session for random duos to fix joining.
Fixed: ActionMachine - game crashes when actions get stuck.
Fixed: Bushes playing foley sound when they shouldn't. 
Fixed: Interaction was not possible in bushes.
Fixed: Listener was following camera always.
Fixed: Move through foliage attenuation.
Fixed: Music stops when player kick the cans.
Fixed: AudioVolumes in buildings were not working.
Fixed: Headshots work again on Scarecrows.
Fixed: Fix generated GroupId for random duos.

Tweaked: Optimization for head and foolproofing.
Tweaked: Disabled rain/snow effect at all optics materials.
Tweaked: Foliage is less penetrable. 

Updated: Resaved audio files with samples volume adjustments.
Updated: Bugfix for an infinite audio range of unlocking sound for the combination lock. 
Updated: Increased Threat kill threshold from 3 to 4.

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Some great additions & tweaks here. looking forward to checking it out. Great work by the team as always. Thank god no more jump scares at the sudden & loud global sound of combo locks being fiddled with 😂. Maybe in the future a system that stops a team killing duo partner from leaving with any loot & receiving a matchmaking timeout would be useful for stopping random partners killing team mates for there weapons etc then just extracting, just a suggestion.

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