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Hey folks.

I was goofing around in the UI resources configs and I managed to change the default colors of the GPS info panel. I tweaked it to use my more readable map settings (check out my More Readable Map mod in my signature).
I also managed to find the setting responsible for the initial zoom and the zoom out from speed. I changed the ground GPS (on foot and vehicles) to increase the initial zoom to 500m and lock it like that (ie. GPS won't zoom out when moving). I also changed the aircraft GPS, this time I increased the zoom out factor as well as changing the colors.

The zoom settings are kinda eyeballed and might need some tuning.

NOTE: The panel position is NOT a part of the mod, it's just my UI layout.

If you want to change the zoom, then these config settings control that:
speedCoefSpeed0 - initial zoom
speedCoefSpeedMax - zoom out factor when moving, the higher the speed the bigger the zoom out

DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6521cda7ua4zh3a/@GPS_tweaks.zip/file


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