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ok so how do i spawn vehicles i saw one on a map and people spawned them in and im wondering if it spawns automatically or if it spawns via player i just need to know and if it is automatically spawns then what map and settings is it because i wanna fly a helicopter with my friends to attack the enemys

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Hi @Medical Attention,

Respawn On Marker, tutorial from Killzone_Kid that someone recommended me. Seems to not work with vehicles in Argo.
Using the "Respawn vehicle" module in 3den Editor. No "Respawn vehicle" module in Argo Editor 😞
The only way to make vehicles REspawn is probably through scripting...

If you don't mind that vehicles don't REspawn after being destroyed, you can simply add some from the Editor.
To test that in MultiPlayer with your friend, I would recommend you to get and follow my Combat Patrol Basic Starter Kit and
add manually helicopters where you want.
Sorry to not being more helpful.

PS. Keep in mind that player(s) need the "DLC - Supporter's Pack" to get into the pilot/driver seat of vehicles. 😉

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On 27/05/2019 at 17:56, EricR said:

Oi @Medical Attention ,

Respawn On Marker , tutorial de Killzone_Kid que alguém me recomendou. Parece não funcionar com veículos em Argo.
Usando o  módulo "Respawn vehicle" no editor 3den. Nenhum módulo "Respawn vehicle" no Argo Editor 😞
A única maneira de fazer com que os veículos RE desovam é provavelmente através de scripts ...

Se você não se importa que os veículos não RE desovar depois de serem destruídos, você pode simplesmente adicionar alguns do Editor .
Para testar isso no MultiPlayer com seu amigo, eu recomendo que você adquira e siga meu  Combat Patrol Basic Starter Kit e
adicione helicópteros manualmente onde quiser.
Desculpe por não ser mais útil.

PS. Tenha em mente que o jogador (s) precisa do "DLC - Supporter's Pack" para entrar no assento do piloto / motorista dos veículos. 😉

Hello, where can I buy the DLC pack. to unlock the vehicles
I do not have the game Arma 3, I have Argo

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Sorry, but seems they removed the DLCs from the Steam's store.
They are also planning to remove accounts from Argo.

At that point I would recommend to learn scripting, play on custom servers find missions to download...
I think that ArgoSurvivors's mission is public and if you ask the owner for the files, he could send them to you.

Good luck

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