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This addon represents Chernarussian Defence Forces and other law enforcement structures units retextures based on RHS mod.
As usually, you can see original A2 type CDF units. Also you can find in this addon Chernarussian airborne forces, national guard, Ministry of interior special force "Orel", KGB special force "Alpha" in different equipment.

- Original A2 CDF camo and some other camouflage patterns
- CDF now wearing PASGT helmets instead of 6b27
- Added many groups
- Added RHS CDF vehicles with my crew in it
- Some new vehicles retextured to CDF camo
- Added CDF airborne forces flag

Known issues
- Automatic Riflemans armed AK-74 with 45rnd mags instead of RPK-74 (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons)
- CDF Militia unit uses rhsgref_chicom class vest, that's not done yet (Hopefully new update will fix it :-) )
- Wooden SVD replaced by plastic one (by reason of its absence in RHS weapons)

Thanks RHS for their great mod, Zedderick for his CDF Kamaz textures, Soviet Armed Forces mod and Xacino for his RD-54 model.


Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1550624597





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