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Live Stream - ASK Questions!

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Hello everyone!:smile_o:

Friendly reminder that there will be another Dev Stream happening tomorrow (September 26) on our official streaming channels at usuall o'clock (meaning 6 PM CEST (UTC +02:00)
Mixer:  https://mixer.com/vigorgame
Twitch:   https://www.twitch.tv/vigorthegame


But I have a special favor to ask -
Should you have any questions about Vigor in general or about the upcoming update - make sure to share them with me right here, right now 
So I can make sure to address them in the live stream.

Sometimes it's really hard to spot all of the questions in the chat and this way it will be much easier to answer the majority of your questions. - Also, make sure to vote (like) for your favorite questions so we can prioritize them. :wink_o:

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Hello all,

Looking forward to the stream. 


Do you have any plans on increasing the sight range ? 

Will there be any limited special events within the game as an incentive to keep the player base interested ? 

Will there be any sort of achievement system within the game that unlocks either currency or special rewards?

Do you have any future plans for more maps ?

Do you guys think the game will benefit from a scoreboard system?

Is there a trading system planned?

Besides the airdrop do you have other incentives planned within the map and if so can you tell us more about it?


Best regards from Norway, 





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Any progress on the shooting mechanics?

When can we expect the next update?

Will the next update also bring the first set of Founder Pack rewards?

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We all see the basic game but what I fail to see is the end goal. Is there any plans for some type of goals beyond building base up? It seems once the base is completely built then the game is basically complete as of now. 

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