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  1. Chris Burton

    The point of game preview

    Thats why ive switchdd to playing dayz mostly vigor has no point atm I have materials for probably the next few shelter patches i have all recipes for weapons etc. So if I play its basically just to play not for loot not for guns etc so it takes any fun out of it. Dayz has had 5 updates I believe its been out for 2 months. This has been out double that and has only had 3 updates
  2. Chris Burton

    By far the worst experience I've had on Xbox One.

    Sounds very odd.. game works fine just lacks content and too many people abusing the system. Its a good game for 2 weeks then theres nothing to do. If you are having issues with vigor then id suggest waiting on buying DayZ. Its common to D/C and lose everything. The servers are unstable dozens of glitches from guns not reloading to invisible zombies killing you. If you can get past that then DayZ is great. If it ran as smooth as vigor does there would be no complaints
  3. Chris Burton

    Live Stream - ASK Questions!

    We all see the basic game but what I fail to see is the end goal. Is there any plans for some type of goals beyond building base up? It seems once the base is completely built then the game is basically complete as of now.
  4. Chris Burton


    For those saying suck it up I can only laugh. You buy a game thats sopposed to be solo queue and people have the nerve to tell you to deal with groups against you. Its like buying a singleplayer game and only being able to play it as multiplayer. DayZ has gotten 5 updates for xbox its only been out a month and this game has only had 2 updates in 3 months. If they were actually concerned they wouldnt worry about how many pieces of garbage are on the floor in buildings theyd get rid of people abusing the system. They would add content instead of useless updates. The game was fun until you couldnt do anything and that was 2 weeks into the game. Been waiting patiently for content only to see people get flamed for voicing their animosity towards people abusing the game. No wonder the game died within 2 weeks and its not even released yet.
  5. Chris Burton

    Changelog 0.5.27963

    Any estimation on update for shelter? I know alot of folk have maxed theirs and have no real reason to play until more is added
  6. Chris Burton

    Vigor , any news ?

    Since dayz came out its all I play even with all the bugs its still a great unique game. Bohemia makes some good games just sad they are smaller and cant create their masterpiece quicker. They arent going to wipe gladly after backlash from pre orderers it would be just a waste of our time if they wipe it just to level the playing field when we paid to play early
  7. Chris Burton

    Vigor , any news ?

    Indeed. Been same for about 2 weeks. No point in playing so I just log on to keep making guns and medicine for when the update comes. They could atleast give us a rough estimate as im sure the DayZ update today came into play. If you havent given that a try if you have 40 bucks to spend its a bit buggy but worth a go. Like an open world version of vigor with zombies. You still lose everything when you die pretty fun.