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Jay Z

Faction overhaul help

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I have redesigned various units from NATO, AAF, CSAT and FIA using various mods and am wanting to replace the default load outs (Rifleman, Combat Life Saver, Marksman Etc.) in the Eden editor menu with these. 

Could someone explain how or link me.

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Agree with Harzach. Next time you post something, make sure it is in the right section.


However here is a little bit of config I just wrote down for you (I documented every line so you can understand -I hope- everything).

class CfgVehicles
  	class B_Soldier_base_F; // base class for blufor arma soldiers
  	class MY_SPLENDID_SOLDIER: B_Soldier_base_F // the classname of your new uniform
        scope = 2; // scope of the class !IMPORTANT! -> DO NOT TOUCH
        author = "Splendid modder"; // your name
    	displayName = "My wonderful soldier"; // the name of your soldier
      	nakedUniform = "U_BasicBody"; // classname for "naked" body
      	uniformClass = "MY_SPLENDID_UNIFORM"; // classname of your uniform (defined in cfgWeapons)
        model = "\A3\characters_F\BLUFOR\b_soldier_03.p3d";
        hiddenSelections[] = {"camo","insignia"}; // hidden selections of the model !IMPORTANT! -> DO NOT TOUCH
        hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"MY_SPLENDID_ADDON\data\MY_SPLENDID_UNIFORM_co.paa"}; // path to your texture
        hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"MY_SPLENDID_ADDON\data\MY_SPLENDID_UNIFORM.rvmat"}; // path to your material file (do not specify this line if you did not make a material file)

class cfgWeapons
  	class UniformItem; // base class for the information of the uniform
  	class Uniform_Base; // base class for the uniform

    class MY_SPLENDID_UNIFORM: Uniform_Base
      scope = 2;
      author = "Splendid modder";
      displayName = "My super colored uniform"; // the name of your uniform
      picture = "MY_SPLENDID_ADDON\data\ui\MY_UNIFORM_LOGO_ca.paa"; // path to the picture of the model
      model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver";
      class ItemInfo: UniformItem
        uniformModel = "-"; // the model of the uniform when laid on the ground
        uniformClass = "MY_SPLENDID_SOLDIER"; // classname of your soldier (defined in cfgVehicles)
        containerClass = "Supply20"; // the mass your uniform can carry
        mass = 60; // mass of your uniform
        allowedSlots[] = {"701","801","901"}; // where can you store your uniform (701 -> uniform | 801 -> vest | 901 -> backpack (I am not sure for the order))
        armor = 0; // leave it to 0 except if you want your uniform to be armored


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