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CPT Dubois

[CLOSED] Helicopter Flight Model - Upgrade Project

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Helicopter Flight Model - Upgrade Project



I'm looking for someone who is well knowledgeable in scripting / coding, animations and air vehicle assets (helicopters to be exact). Now when it comes down to the helicopter part I don't necessarily need someone with real world knowledge or experience but it does help. However, I am looking for someone with intermediate to advanced knowledge of both the standard flight model and advanced flight model of Arma 3. The purpose of this project is to enhance immersion and realism in the flight model for those helicopter enthusiasts alike. If interested please contact me by email below so we can discuss the project and compensation in further detail.







- P. Dubois




looking for a programmer, 3d model animator and a sound engineer or someone with a mix of some or all skills.



Dev team found, work has commenced. No longer actively seeking devs.

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