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Unfortunately upon installing Arma 3 Tools, I attempted to Mount the Project Drive and it mounted it onto my much smaller 250GB SSD on which the OS is installed and many other programs that I prioritize highly, so I wanted to assign it to the lower priority 1 TB HDD on which I have all of my Steam games including Arma 3 & Arma 3 tools, but it wouldn't install there. I would like to be instructed procedurally upon how to mount the project drive onto the correct drive (1 TB HDD).

Perhaps the fact that Steam is installed onto my SSD is causing the conflict. Steam.exe & Arma3.exe are both not administrator-only executables. Additionally, I receive the "0x50001002: Failed to mount the work drive" error when I attempt to run the mapdisk.bat file. I also haven't updated my version of Windows after the update that was released on the October of last year because I was unable after my first and only attempt to install it. My computer frequently crashes programs and freezes as well. Perhaps that may have something to do with the error specifically?

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