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Eden Editor - Can't get into vehicle with other player

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Alright, so here's my issue.

Im using Eden Editor to try and make a Player controlled, zeus based mission.
1st portion of my time was spent making the Home Base that I will run my ops out of.

Got everything set up for the most part and then tried to do a multiplayer play test
Everything worked great for the most part, respawning was fine etc
But then we tried to get into a vehicle together to leave the home base, for some reason We can't get into the vehicle at the same time
It was an empty vehicle  and we were on the same team.

I googled this issue and didn't find much of substance till I came across about Player Ratings
It stated that If a user team kills, or kills civilians that they wont be counted as being in the "Same team" anymore.
Thus not letting them get into vehicles with their other BLUFOR members

It makes sense, But is there anyway to bypass this or get rid of player rating entirely
I dont want to have missions that are unable to be completed because of "Accidental" team killing

Thank you for your time!

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