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A MILSIM Gaming Community, Bringing the U.S. Army Special Operations Force to the Virtual World. Many Games within our arsenal, and great leadership to help members grow.

Who Are We?

We are a Semi-Realism Community. Looking for realaible players and those looking for some fun.

How Did We Become Who We Are?

Many of us had played in past units together, and had disagreed with the ways other units ran themselves. We decided to make our own and run it our way. Our core players combined have logged over 7,000 hours in-game and have plenty of experience to make the right decisions for the group.

What Training Do We Offer?

We have a well round group of guys when it comes to roles. We train all of our player in all the basic (Rifleman, AT, EOD, Medic, AutoRifleman, Engineer, RTO) and teach more seasoned players how to be a Team/Squad Leader and Zeus.

Check us out at https://www.delta-force.army/

Teamspeak: ts3.delta-force.army

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