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ARM Group (Arma Relaxed Milsim Group) - Recruiting

Now using: TS3 / A.C.R.E.2



Mission is called: Sandstorm


• Co-op with tasks already in place (zeus only for topup if needed)

• Time spent on ambience details to give you one of the most immersed experiences.


Mission synopsis:

Takistan is currently occupied by the remaining Taliban forces, where they have consolidated resources in a bid to rebuild their strength.
Recent reports state the Taliban are forcing locals to join their cause and if they refuse often receive punishments such as torture, death, theft or destruction of villages, livestock and oil wells.
After several requests to the British Government for assistance from political leader Sher Ali Khan of Takistan the British Army have finally been deployed.


Mission objectives:

1. Prevent the destruction of oil wells in the area.
2. Protect civilians Inc. civilian homes and livelihoods (farms, markets etc.).
3. Provide assistance to local rebels.
4. Neutralise detected IED's.
5. Destroy all Taliban forces.

for further details go to our website

ARM Group is open to anyone and was created for those who seek an instant action Arma3 milsim but don’t have the time to dedicate 2 or even 1 night a week.

• Fast track ranking system - plus additional perks for each rank. (e.g. One member has ranked up just by demonstrating skills during training)

• Training on the fly - extra available for those who want it.

• Ops every 2 weeks.

• Ops format decided via member vote - what map you want to play on, faction, loadout, MODs etc.

• Friendly, relaxed environment.

• We don't mind if you have other milsim commitments and only want to mission with us every couple of weeks.

We want everyone to enjoy the experience so we are looking for people with the right attitude (knowing when to be serious and when to have fun).


If you are interested then come and have a chat with us on teamspeak or go to:


1. Simply register on the site (registration is also needed to record promotions).
2. Go to 'Forum/Events' and read the details of the Op: Sand Storm (our 1st Op).
3. Reply to the Sand Storm forum post that you wish to attend.

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