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looking for non-combat adventure missions

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Hello I always loved the world of Operation Flashpoint and Arma series for it's realistic countryside, nature, people, vehicles and such things. I would like to experience it in a peaceful way for once :) I was thinking if there are some missions or MODs which would include adventure like story with meeting people, travelling around the island, investigating, looking for some things somewhere and such, but in a civilian non combat settings. You get my idea right? If you know about something like that let me know!


EDIT. I resubmitted this topic into OFFTOPIC - Games & Gaming. how do I delete this post?

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Honestly, the only non-combat civilian missions I can think of revolve around things that could occur in normal everyday life. So, it would have to deal with personal or vehicle adventures. While I am not aware of any existing missions or mods, here is a list of ideas I've thought of that deal with each category (And shouldn’t be that hard to create):

By Foot:

-Lost: Place your character on a random part of the map and find your way back home (Need Map Tools)

-Scuba Diving: Take a swim and look for buried treasure or item of interest

-Where’s Waldo: Spawn 100 AI and try to find a specific person (i.e. White Shirt & Red Hat)

-Skydiving: Open the parachute at the lowest possible altitude.


By Vehicle:

-Cargo Transport: As a truck driver (or helicopter pilot), it's your responsibility to deliver everything on time without any accidents

-Emergency: Your friend took a fall and is severely wounded. Rush him to a hospital within a specified time (Need Time Limit and Car)

-Air Rescue: Hikers are trapped on a remote location. Find them and bring them home

-Plane/Helicopter: Enjoy the scenic route by flying at dawn or when the sun sets

-Boat Ride: Ride the waves and dominate the sea

-Tow Ride: Someone’s car broke down and they need some help

-Motorcycle / Sports Car: Go 100MPH down a winding road (Best results on Mountainous/Wooded terrain)

-Stuntman: Drive your vehicle off a cliff and try to stick the landing...or even survive


Well, I hope this helped. I’ve found that doing some of the things I listed can actually help to better learn the terrain and can be quite enjoyable.

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I have a few missions like these but they're basic. It's mostly investigation stuff like being a private detective and working with police, driving or flying around. I'm using Zeus to randomize locations and use ZoneKiller mod to add inventory items like documents, phones etc. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29941


I also got a few hacking scripts and use them to hack phones or laptops. I wish it would be possible to create dialogue on the fly for an npc.

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