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Gunter Severloh

IFA3 Lite Steamworkshop SP/MP/Missions/Mod Collections

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IFA3 Lite Steamworkshop SP/MP/Missions/Mod Collections

Whats up IFA3 and WW2 fans!

As some of you know about my support for the Iron front game and IFA3 in the past and present, and my work in the community as a compiler

i wanted to further spread the word about my work on steam workshop for IFA3.

idk why i didn't post this here on Bis forums sooner but better late then never.


For those of you whom are looking for Singleplayer, Multiplayer/coop/TvT/PvP missions, and mods for IFA3 lite,

i have created a collections for sp/mp missions, and mods for IFA3 Lite back in May.


I update these lists a few times a week, and aside my website seen here http://www.missionrepository.com/

which compiles Iron front, IFA2, and IFA3 missions and files, most of my focus for Iron front these days have moved to steamworkshop

and these 3 lists, aside my own addons, and missions.  I hope that these collections will help you guys out, less searching, and more browsing.


IFA3 Lite Singleplayer Missions


IFA3 lite Multiplayer Missions


IFA3 Lite Mods



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