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Stargate Arma mod looking for map maker.

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Hi, sorry I cant help with maps but I am trying to make a mission out of the stargate mod this is avail on steam workshop.

Do you know of any way to have the stargate always on without a player having to turn it on? maybe by trigger? or just at the beginning of map?


I tried all these in the init of the gate and also the computer and alien console but none worked.


condition = "!(this in DHDs_inuse) && nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sga_gates && !(nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sgaopen)";

statement = "[this] execvm ""\sga_dhd\sqf\simple.sqf"" ";


condition = "nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sga_gates";

statement = "[nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""]] execvm ""\sga_dhd\sqf\address.sqf"" ";


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@prababicka For reference, that last person to attempt to create a Stargate Mod was banned from this and other forums for copyright violations.Without explicit written consent from Warner Brother's Pictures Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin you are likely to see any work you create (or worse alter), being immediately taken down. 

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