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Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

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I acknowledge the very late reply, but whatever...

On 3/10/2018 at 3:28 PM, krycek said:

Nope, if they somehow implemented scramjets I wasn't expecting at all to be even close to real life speeds due to the terrain limitations in A3. What I was expecting is "gimped speed new toys" in case scramjets would be planned by any mod team. Like I said before urban map+women would be something a lot more interesting for me, but seeing a mod team trying to implement scramjets would be equally interesting for me.

I agreed that a Zargabad-style map would be nice, as would female units.

The problems with gimped speed scramjets are 1) Realism, they wouldn't be scramjets anymore, they'd just be craft like the Mig-25. why call it a scramjet when its just moving at turbojet speeds.

2) Is that the map is too small. They gave us supersonic jets, but they didn't give us mach 2+ supersonic jets for a reason, and that is limited size of the map, draw distance, and engagement ranges (all related to hardware limitations). It just seems like it would be a mess that wouldn't give good gameplay. The speed of the Shikra is already pretty close to the limit to what works for Arma terrains, rendering distance/performance, and Arma sensor ranges (although I wouldn't mind seeing a 50% increase in radar ranges.. 16km to 24 for example, particularly given the reduced detection ranges of stealth craft)


Regarding artillery if we keep it real even with your example of min 18km for M109 it's still not usable unless you want to park them near coast all the time to simulate the real distances and your targets should always be the opposite of the map. From the most southeastern point on Altis to the top northwestern position there are about 25km.

So to target something more inside the map let's say Kore town which would be in your 18km value you would still need your arty on the coast all the time. And this is only for the Scorcher/Sochor, if we go with MLRS you need 32km. Yeah playable assuming you park them on the coast and if you want to target something more inside the map you can say bye bye to realism.

Re-read, the maximum not minimum range (without rocket assisted projectiles) was 18 km. The minimum range is much less. Its not perfectly realistic in Arma, but its not off by an order of magnitude or anything. There's not even really minimum ranges, because there can be reducer powder charge loads for lower muzzle velocity to give plunging fire at close ranges (less propellent charge, possibly a heavier shell with more explosive charge). Its fairly realistic as is.

Likewise, for MRLS systems + a fictional setting where munition variants that *could* exist (with current tech), but don't necessarily exist now, are fine. There's nothing unrealistic about the existence of a munition variant with a reduced propellant charge. Minimum range shouldn't be the question, but rather a lack of maximum range (13km for AMRAAM Ds?  This is about an order of magnitude smaller than it should be).

This lack of larger scales comes back to the first point. Scramjets would move way too fast for engagements... as it is two Shikras (even non-stealth) going at each other at near full speed have only several seconds between detecting each other and flying past each other. Scramjets would require larger sensor ranges, longer weapon ranges, and thus much bigger maps (the maps are already quite small for 2 opposing sides each with supersonic aircraft)


On the point of tanks, for a modern MBT like M1A2 with all the optics&sensors the engagement should be between  3000-3500m (max 4000m) assuming no terrain obstacles, if we go again with the 2035 theme of A3 all in-game sides are using advanced MBT's even with the "obsolete" AAF MBT. 


On Altis( I don't consider Tanoa adequate for tank engagements) putting a Slammer and a Varsuk on the flat salt lake facing each other at 1.6km with full AI they're still blind as bats and these are perfect conditions. Only lower than this they start engaging each other.  So ok, not exactly WW2 but if we want full realism it's still far away than what a modern MBT could achieve, let alone tech in 2035.

Side note, there are some areas of Tanoa where tanks (or at least direct cannon fire) are well suited. I'm thinking of the valley coming from the "international airport" to Tanouka, and then towards the volcano... as well as the east and west passes to Tanouka. Some tanks of rhinos on one of the roads going up the side of the volcano can have a very commanding view of the main island, and I've made multiple scenarios where I engage ground targets at 4-5 km away.


As to your specific example... Arma AI may have issues, but PvP tank combat takes place at distances much farther than 1.6km away. Note that the optics on all the tanks can zero out to at least 4km (I think the Angara goes to 5km, IIRC). If view distance settings allow it, players will engage each other at 4km away.

The AI may  not notice you at first, but when you start dropping APFDS round on their tanks from 4km away, they take notice and return fire.


Moving on, I'd like to see a DLC pack focused on Amphibious assaults. With static ships (the Encore one can be re flagged and renamed to serve any side), we can have player bases start 50 km away from each other or more. This could allow for interesting combat as both sides try to take islands from shipborne bases (essentially using offshore bases to expand the size of the AO/theatre)


* NATO has carrier capable aircraft, airmobile+amphibious APCs with 40mm autocannons and an airmobile MGS with a 120mm cannon, they are already fairly well suited for an airborne/amphibious assault.

* The AAF has airmobile tankettes (multiple variants, autocannon, AT missiles, AA missiles), an amphibious APC w/ autocannon and AT missiles, and an amphibious MRAP, (although their CAS helo kind of sucks), they can do... alright, they shouldn't be great

* Mighty CSAT has the Xian (loses very badly to the Black wasp in A2A), its only amphibious ground vehicle... is the Marid, the weakest APC, lacking an autocannon or AT missiles. Its only airmobile ground combat vehicles are the Ifrit (no AT options) or the Qilin (has an AT missile variant) which lack firepower and armor... They just really don't have the assets to compete for control of an island, unless they already start on the island, or at least on an Island with an airstrip to operate the Shikra.


So I propose, a Marines/Amphibious assault DLC:

* LCACs/landing craft for at least CSAT and NATO (same model, different skins is fine) to allow both sides to move MBTs over water.

* Something a bit heavier than a Nxy for CSAT, that is still light enough for the Taru to load it

* A Xian fighter derivative/design with similarities to the Xian (ideally less/ no passenger/vehicle capacity, no gunner/turret, but fixed forward cannon) that has a longer radar range and can mount a decent amount of AAMs (lets say... 6-8)

* An F-35 pack for good measure (it really fits the 2035 setting, and the B version would be nice if you don't want to give a side a full super carrier/fits with a marine theme, while a C version would go well with the existing carrier, and there's already a lot of commonality with the placeholder they already have from the Alpha version)

* An LHA/LHD ship, ideally one that would fit equally well with CSAT (I'm not sure how I feel about giving CSAT the Liberty destroyers, and just changing the flag... even if they had good renaming options), for them to operate as a STOVL/helicarrier (bonus points for a Reskin so NATO can also use it)

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On 2/20/2018 at 2:19 PM, lexx said:

It doesn't matter how many I think there will be. One package of stuff that I don't feel to be fitting with the original A3 theme is already too much for my taste. 

Yes, i mean the same, BIS make a sample direction of future mods or third party DLCs with Malden, i want to see chernarus in a3 vanilla quality, i want to see other islands of the armaverse in 2035 in a3 vanilla quality, i want to have more uniforms in a3 vanilla quality, i want more tanks (with interior) in a3 vanilla quality and of course much more in the setting of 2035.

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