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creating a zeus v zeus [help]

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hi everyone, 


wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.. 

i want to create a zeus v zeus mission where we have to control sectors and that each zeus can only place units of his own team.

and that it costs points etc etc 


i cant seem to find any video tutorials on this. 

aprechiate the help! 



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These pages might help:
https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Curator (Mainly cost tables, I believe if you make the costs high enough they stop showing, alternatively you can use a function to add/remove addons)

https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Function_Group:_Curator for all zeus functions, I'm sure these will get you somewhere.


I've attmpeted making something like this before and found it fairly hard to do properly. Hope you can get further than I did at the time (:


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On 01/11/2017 at 4:39 PM, soolie said:

I'm working a a pvp "rts" mission myself. Started to write out some pointers but post quickly became very long, and I barely scratched the surface. Hmu on steam if you'd like.

added thank you mate 

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Hello @Tyl3r99
I can think of two approaches to this, as i myself have created an RTS mission and something along those lines before.

Use ALIVE, Alive has a bunch of modules specifically made to setup RTS missions, allowing for easy setup of buildings, costs, purchasable units ect.

Setup 2 zeuses, you define allowed units to spawn by each zeus.
Give them each an "editing area" and disallow modules (no adding all units to zeus).
You can then set up let's say a small sector control game (this should be easy, but I can explain further if it's too complicated).
You can make a small and simple script to add points to the zeus of whichever side owns the majority of sectors.
The zeus can still command units outside the editing zone, he just won't be able to move them, change their attributes or any shenanigans like that.
Furthermore, you can also set up scripts checking if zeus has placed ect certain buildings to unlock certain units (RTS), but it would be odd and awkward, in such a case, I'd recommend just scripting an RTS mode, its harder and will require some more skill, but it would be a lot less awkward.
For zeus VS zeus, this method is fine though.

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