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Kill all Humans! (Exile Malden)

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Server  has scripted custom skilled AI and tons of map additions.

Start Gear is Custom also.


-Exile (obviously),

-Zombies & Demons,


-Cup Weapons,



-Maps Core



-Deploy Bike

-Base Payment Notifications

-Sell Crates at Traders (R3F)


-Virtual Garage

-Adjustable View Distance

-Custom Status Bar

-Ejecting Bodies from Vehicles when dead

-Towing,Lifting with balanced Classes, Advanced Slingloading



-VEMF Mission System,Custom AI

-DMS Mission System,Custom AI (with selfmade Missions)

-ExileZ 2


Map is full of stuff me and my wonderful fiancée added,feel free to enjoy the dark atmosphere the server was made for.

Last but not least theres something very very special on the server only some people will manage to find out.check the biggest dms mission on the server to get a clue


well thats it

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