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ArmA 3 Launcher - Server tab error

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Does anyone know why we are getting this error with our server when viewed from the ArmA Launcher > Servers; select server and click the More details... button:


Basically I get a nice red line telling me "Server can't transmit all data; some allowed mods might be missing of their signatures not regognized

In the mods list the none of the mods are recognised and some have a red text message: e.g. "Load 'USP Patches & Insignias' from library (signature mismatch)"

I did not have much success searching for other people with similar problems apart from one thread where someone thought there was a limit on the serve information that could be transmitted and it was an issue with having too many mods specified (though I thought this was unlikely).

Thanks in advance.  S

PS - If you ignore the error and select Keep Current Selection and Join button there are no problems joining the server.

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OK, we have a solution of sorts.

After looking at this part of a thread:



We did this:


We moved most of the mods from the -mod parameter to the -serverMod parameter.

That cleared the sever error but the -mod parameters are treated as Mods required by server. The rest being in the Suggested and additional mods.  That is not how I was lead to believe it worked but hey, it works.  S

PS - It seems like a dirty hack because I have a dedicated server running on a local network and that has all the mods in the -mod directory (with very long paths) and that reports that it needs no mods and everything is a Suggested and additional mods.  Maybe it is because it is running on a LAN rather than the Internet :eh:


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