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Building Custom Server, Need Level Developers

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My gaming group, which is undisclosed until the project is complete. Would like to create servers of multiple mission types to expand the argo world.
I need help getting the init menus for loadouts, fire mode bugs, and respawn bugs sorted.
This project will be rewarding by lots of 32 man co-op play. Lets bring the ARMA feel to ARGO's simplicity so the free world, can remain free to game!

My name is Richard, you can contact me at diveyez@r2nhosting.com or use the discord below.

Currently, I have one airport recon team defense mission I am designing tonight. I would like help, here is my discord.


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Hi @SolarCataclysm,
Not sure what is the Fire mode bugs though.
About the respawn bugs, the devs are already reworking the respawn module to fix those issues.

My main question would be: Can you be more clear about what you meant by "Lets bring the Arma feel to Argo" ?
Are you just talking about another Combat operations mode ?

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