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ARMA 3 Mission files - EDEN Editor

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Good day,


Great forum and hoping someone can help,


I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist.


Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy.





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The missions are located in the Arma 3 -> addons folder inside the mission_xxx.pbo files. You need to unpack those and copy the mission folders into your mission folder located in your profile. Basically where all your custom made missions available in Eden are.

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