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Taranis PMC is looking for you! Yes, you!


Whether you are new to Arma or an experienced player we are looking for all new members and are able to provide training and assistance for those who wish to learn. Because of this, we are happy to take on people of any age group, do note that we are a mature group, mostly in our  20's - 40's. In Taranis PMC, we play in a serious fun mil-sim style so we can have a laugh and a joke but when it comes to the mission we like to maintain a serious but relaxed approach. We are currently a small group looking to expand our roster. We are accepting members of any age and experience, once you have a microphone and are willing to play as a team. 


We do not have a any mandatory training, but many of us have been playing for years and we help you out if you feel you need it. Just ask. Same goes for mission making and using Zeus. 


We have scheduled weekly operations, playing Alive, Custom and Zeus missions. We also run impromptu operations between our scheduled events.


The majority of us are EU, however, we also have members from US and Aus time zones and the ping is relatively good to our server. We own a full dedicated server box with very high specs and can run up to 200-300 AI easily without issues with headless clients.


Our Website


Our Unit page


  • Relaxed Environment
  • Monthly vote on mods to change in our preset.
  • Everyone able to Zeus or create missions.
  • Anyone able to lead teams.
  • No ranks, everyone is equal.
  • Personal Training available.
  • Serious Fun, win or lose.
  • No Mandatory attendance, play when you can.
  • No DLC Required (although we do play on Tanoa .every now and then)


If you wish to know anything else then feel free to contact me via PM on here or join our discord and come chat in general or PM Salzi, S4m or Myself.


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