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The year is 1968, and due to a critical mission planning error, courtesy of your CO,
your squad's Helicopter has been shot down deep above the hostile jungles of the Prei Khmaoch Luong province, Vietnam.
Download: Steam Workshop

Mission Notes

  • Custom Sound and Music!
  • Change AI Skill in Mission Parameters if they feel too wallhacky through the jungle.
  • Respawn (and basic revive) is available, after mission start you can respawn at the Helicopter crash site. After you leave the crash site you may also respawn at your squad, at your own discretion.
  • Ammunition is limited, and you will respawn with the same gear you had when you died. Loot dead enemies, and discover supplies by wandering close to their locations.
  • Across the first river, two checkpoints will be available for capturing. One Northern, and one Southern checkpoint. Both may be captured, but their position will only be revealed if you are nearby.
  • This mission was designed for 3 player Co-op. If there is a demand for it in the Steam Workshop comments, I will increase the player slots :) (I'm not super active on this forum)
  • This mission is estimated to take up to 1 hour to complete, good luck, and stay alert. After the helicopter crash you have about 1 hour until the sun sets and it gets too dark to see anything.
  • You are invulnerable while in the starting area, before you start the mission you should NOT force respawn or you will not be able to respawn, unless you restart the mission.
  • Third Person View is restricted in this mission for your immersive pleasure. If you have a problem with this then please teach me how to add a toggle-able mission parameter instead of whining :)



This is my first publicly released actual mission - on Bludclot's amazing East Asian-like terrain.
Post in the Steam Workshop comments on what you thought of it, any improvements, and any suggestions for future missions I could create if I'm not already making one.

If you find any bugs, please let me know by posting about it in the comments on the Steam Workshop!

Please write in detail how/where you found it, and how you caused the bug to happen.


Please do not add me on Steam friends. I don't add random people, even if you've played my mission. Sorry.
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On 28/06/2017 at 5:16 AM, vastiny said:

Music courtesy of Call of Duty: Black Ops (admit the soundtrack is pretty damn good)

Umm, there just might be some copyright issues here...


Seriously, given the CoD kiddies and their like uploading ArmA mod-makers IP to any site they choose, isn't it a pretty shit idea to start uploading CoD content?

I am obviously assuming you don't have Activision's permission to use their content; please do correct me if that is not the case - and prvide proof, naturally.

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Does UPS still work well for you? I've just put it in a mission I'm working on, but when I launch the mission I get an error message. When checking out the fire teams in-mission, they seem to go about their patrols okay, but I'm always wary when I get an error up front.

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