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About mission:

Breakthrough is a COOP mission best played with 8-19 players.  This is 3rd mission in my  Takistan missions series and surely not the last one!
It's April 2017 in Takistan. We made huge progress past year in destroying ISIS and we hope to crush them by the end of the year. Campaign is a success for us, both in politics and war terms. We are getting more and more feared in other countries, our plan seems to work well. 
The one and only problem in our campaign is (as always) the USA. They started their operation in Takistan after our numerous successes. They want to rule global politics once again but we won't let them. We need to strike fast and gain control of majority of Takistan before they do. We still have initial advantage, let's not lose it. 

Mission description:

Finally this day came. We are at the Jilavur military base on the frontline. Thanks to our specnaz units we can now assault the town with full force. Enemy dug in at the Feruz Abad town. They prepared two defense lines. We need to break through them. You need to split to two teams. One should head to north of the town and the other one with tank to south.

DO NOT assault the defense lines alone. When you are ready call 0-0-1 for the friendly forces to attack from our base. We prepared armored vehicles to support you. Be aware that this will trigger all enemy units from town to defense their positions so expect heavy resistance.

In the north there's enemy checkpoint north of the town. We also have information about enemy rocket artillery units in Falar city. Don't enter the town until you dealt with them or they'll toast you. Remember that you can always kill enemy artillery crew and use it to support our attack on the defense lines. After you deal with the artillery you can attack enemy HQ from the north together with south team.

Ambush enemy tanks heading to first defense line and then support our attack at the second line and town. You've been supplied with a lot of Anti-tank weapons if your tank gets destroyed but try not to lose it.
Try to eliminate their AA guns so our chopper can support you in every fight, it's guided rockets are deadly for both infantry and vehicles.

  • Vehicles and air support - Show your skill
  • Replayability - Randomization 
  • Two teams layout - Two different set of tasks
  • Freedom - It's up to you how to deal with most of objectives

I tested this mission extensively with my friends and I can't find any bugs. Please contact me by steam or in comments if you see any bug or have a feature request! I will be happy to help. 
Join in progress is NOT supported but im not disabling it to allow in-game unit switching!

  • CUP 
  • RHS 
  • ACE3 (if you do not want to use it, just install it and disable all its functionality) 
  • Task Force Radio (if you do not want to use it, just install it and disable all its functionality) 

Known issues:

- Crash when unconscious and trying to respawn 
THIS IS NOT MISSION BUG. I can't fix it. This is ARMA 3 or ACE3 bug. Workaround: respawn after you died, not while you are unconscious






Best viewed on steam workshop page.



How to avoid problems:

I did my best to ensure that mission will work as it should but here are some tips to make playthrough errorless:

  • Please don't use Join-In-Progress.
  • Start the mission only when all players are loaded in briefing screen.
  • Don't use saves.

Why so many mods?:
There are just two big mods here (CUP,RHS) and small ACE,CBA, TFR so 5 mods in overall. Why there are so many mods in the list? There are minimods from ACE that ensures compatibility between RHS, CUP and ACE but they're very small.  
Not all mods may be mandatory. For example CUP CWA may not be needed same as RHS GREF and mission may work without them but for best experience I recommend to have them all anyway. 

Source Code:

Available here - https://github.com/GodlikeRU/GoDlike-ARMA-3-missions

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