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This model was made for Arma 2, can you believe it? Still looking great so many years later. My biggest respect to whoever made this. 





APL C-130

Modding/learning ressource


Here you can download the source files for a simplified version of my A2 C-130 port. With these files you can make your own C-130 mod in a few steps.

Even for existing C-130 mods it may be worth having a look as this includes modified textures, materials and a more detailed shadow LOD mesh among other things.

Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial 

(I would not have been able to get into modding without that!)
BIS for this C-130 and the APL Sample Files

Tetet for fixing physX after that nerf several years ago. This is perhaps the best implementation across all of my mods.

Adapted and ported by [Dust]Sabre



APL Arma public license.

(=Attribution, Arma only, Noncommercial) 

Don't ask me if you can use it. You can, that's the whole point of this addon.

Happy modding. 




Source Files V3.2b


Workshop Link 






Important note if you want to extract parts of the model to update your existing C-130 mod:


The models position is shifted compared to the A2 default model as I prefer to center the model around it's RL CoG. The original placing in the 3d space (which probably was done for good reasons) irritated me too much. Compared to the default A2 model the coordinates have been shifted by: X = 0, Y=-3, Z=2. Just do the opposite if you need and everything will fit nicely - or simply shift your model and all LODs the same way




Do not forget to activate "apply to all anims" and to "apply to all LODs" for an easy 1 click update






Here is a guide how to integrate this into other mod environments or how to make a separate non conflicting stand alone version:


Prerequisites: You need to have installed and set up the Arma Tools and your P Drive and all of that. Some experience with the tools like addon/object builder is required and I won't go into detail here.



1. First you rename the mod folder from apl_c130 to your modder prefix or mod projects prefix, let's call it ymp_c130 as example.

For my old mod it was sab_c130. Nowadays I add another sub prefix to specify the mod I am working on. For sabres military aviation mod for instance it would be sab_ma_c130. This step is mandatory. Since you only type the name once or twice and then either copy/paste or let search/replace do the rest it doesn't really matter how long they are.

2. rename all file prefixes, for example "apl_c130_body_co.paa" to "ymp_c130_body_co.paa". I consider this to be good practise and it will make things a lot easier later. Sometimes the truly lazy way is to spend one or two extra minutes in the beginning. This will prevent file conflicts and reduce the chance of pasting the wrong texture over the wrong plane if you juggle many different addons. It also helps with readability, you will be able to find specifc textures or files much quicker if they are set up orderly. Feel free to skip if you're not a lazy person and want to do extra work down the line : ) 


3. Open all textfiles with notepad++ or with something equivalent (all hpp, cpp and rvmat files). If you did step 2 correctly - you now have the option to mass rename everything in one click. Search/replace all open files: search "apl_c130", replace with "ymp_c130" (or in my case "sab_ma_c130"). Everything will be updated correctly.

if you skipped parts of step 2 you have to at least change the root file paths, the model name, its reference in model.cfg, the path in config.cpp, all relevant classnames, unit[] entries and so on...


4. Open the C-130 p3d with Object Builder, in Menu Tools you can find Mass Texture & Material renaming, copy the following into the first line:


this in second, adapt the prefixes as needed


This renames all paths and filenames in one click


5. in all visual LODs fix the propeller blur proxies (in named selection list, rclick and reassign the p3d file). Ideally fix the first visual LOD, then simply copy/paste the 4 blur proxies into the other LODs (after deleting the old proxies). Do th same in Wreck LOD: reassign the wreck proxy to fix its path. Always make sure to open files from P: drive and not C drive.


6. Open the other p3d files and fix the paths of their textures and materials (here it's only propeller blur and wreck model)


7. build your addon







Optional refueling system ressources (not included in the APL-C130)



The refuel system is not part of the APL_C130 but could be added if you feel like.


I have added my fuel drogue and probe 3d models (it's not great but better than nothing) - as well as the refueling script that was originally made by Franze and J. Spartan. It's a simpler version and supports one drogue instead of the original two.


You can find the 3d model, script and config/model.cfg here



DacCK3Q.png  98rMGFS.png

These are some reference picture for the 3d model. No idea what plane it was attached too. I took the pictures in the Flugwerft Schleissheim museum near Munich





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59 minutes ago, foxhound said:


** source files available on our downloadpage seperatly.


That's good! Thank you

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Updated to v 1.34

-fixed physx nerf



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Posted (edited)

update version 3.1


fixed the broken link


- removed tons of superfluous things (lots of textures and rvmats were replaced with default arma tex/mats)

- renamed all files and paths to be more organised and consistent

- added copilot hud

- option to flip hud 

- finally fixed AmbientShadow AS body map that would cast weird shadow on wheel bay doors

- fixed wheels sticking out of model

- exchanged shadow lod, now light casts shadows in the interior

- flight model adjusted so take off speed is higher

- external proxies was a bad idea for fuel pods and seats. For pods it prevented retexturing, for seats it caused weird glitches. These parts are now integrated into the model

- camo5 layer added for fuel pod


(camo1 and 2 are body and wing left side, camo3 and 4 are body and wing right side. Remember the original Arma 2 C-130 was mirrored which wasn't so pretty if you used text or numbers in your textures)


Edited by DSabre
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Nice! But where to find? Armaholic sadly is only part of history and the steam workshop has no update for this addon.

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Posted (edited)

I'll put it on steam workshop later but the main point and download link is already in the first post above.  I enlarged the link. This is source files for making your own C-130 addon. I'll improve the description so it becomes more clear. It's basically a simple version of my C-130 mod. Over the years many people had asked for the source files and it was easier to simply upload them here.

Edited by DSabre
fixed link
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v 3.2


- added the right side body texture without the fake door

- fixed some shadow LOD issues

- some more flight model changes

- fixed some texture parts that had wrong color

- fixed the smdi mismatch where the dark grey areas had uneven values



SMDI mismatch issue



SMDI issue fixed




better shadow LOD, the missing elevator was fixed, higher quality engine and propeller shadows


(I do not follow the old LOD making guidelines. For pure flightsimming poly count is largely irrelevant, as you have way less total poly count being far from terrain, units and gear as in the standard Arma use case on foot. I only use one shadow LOD as the engine switches to the low poly LODs too fast for my flightsimming taste. You may want to use the default shadow LODs instead. I have seen no fps changes with extensive tests though.)



this does make a difference under some lighting conditions, it's not only for on the ground

(also fake mirrored door is gone)




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Would love if it had the HUD/ILS code.Also, i made up some sounds/code for this.Was going to upload a mod but i can send em over if ya interested.👍

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Sounds good, thanks Steven. Please go ahead and make and upload your version of this. That's exactly the idea here.


This upload is supposed to be as simple and basic as possible, so it is easier for beginners to understand, or for the experienced people to use. It's a spin off of my own C-130 and stripped of all versions and features intentionally. 


What may be helpful is if we post useful parts and code in this thread. I have added the refuel stuff as extra download/ressource. If I come across it I will also post my JATO stuff in here (models and scripts).


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