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Hey guys started working on this again, been doing some research on some tools i can use to help me sort faster and easier,

and found some, still looking but i have updated the thread:



added new listings:



Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks


  • 82nd Custom Uniforms/Helmets

Equipment & Uniform Retextures



  • 4th Battalion 7th Marines Modpack
  • 5thSFU Combat Gear
  • =ARC= Common Textures Pack
  • =ARC= CZ INF Textures Pack
  • =ARC= GER INF Textures Pack

Uniform Retextures

  • 1st Polish Armoured Division Uniforms - World War Two
  • 26 Kommando Multitarn
  • 3para uniforms
  • 3rd Infantry Division (UK) Uniforms - World War Two
  • 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two
  • 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division Uniforms
  • 51st (Highland) Infantry Division Uniforms
  • 7th Armoured Division (UK) Uniforms - World War Two



  • 6094 G3 uniforms



  • fixed couple misspells in the listings
  • adjusted some category titles



This update was from the 1st 2 pages of the gear section on armaholic, just goes to show how much more new stuff has been released since 2017.

Now i could have added more but i was working with 2 new tools, and trying different ways to adding the listings, and im out of time.


As said before im still looking into tools, or programs i can use to make this a bit more faster, because the faster and simpler it is for me to just sort links

and post them the more of this list i can get done and stay on top of in less time.


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Update - new listings added



Uniform Retextures

  • =ARC= RHS Helmets FR Textures
  • =ARC= RHS Helmets Rexture Common Pack
  • =ARC= UK INF Textures Pack
  • =ARC= USMC INF Textures Pack
  • A-TACS Uniforms
  • Adami's FoW Retexture Pack 1
  • British Ghillie Suits
  • Gridworks Uniforms & Gear
  • Clear Sky Camo Pack
  • Dark AAF
  • TAC Tiger Stripe Camo Pack


  • =ATM= Uniformes
  • V for Victory! - WW2/World War 2 - British Airborne and Infantry Textures
  • ASIO
  • Green Sea Battalion Uniforms


  • Super high capacity backpack mod.


  • AAPM (Experimental Branch)
  • Advanced Armor Plate Mod
  • Advanced Armor Plate Mod
  • Advanced Armor Plate Mod: Gold
  • JJ's Police Vests


  • MRH Satellite
  • ArmA 3 Skins


Notes - Found a bit faster way to copy links, and acquire the latest listings and listings

not already on the list, as im updating the gear section currently.

All for today!

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Update - added new listings



  • AFTP Units - uniforms & equipment

Civilian uniforms & Misc

  • Alpha Hoodies
  • ARCTech Tattoos

Optics & Scopes

  • Arma 3 Aegis - Apex Equipment


Note - all i have for you today, tired from work, spent alot more time dedicated to research, and working on faster way to do this.


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Update - added new listings & Misc changes/fixes


Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Maps, & Watches

  • Depth Gauge Watch
  • voyager Compass HUD

Backpack & Equipment - (Functions & Tweaks)

  • ExoMod Remastered
  • Medic Bag - ACE3

Backpack Radios, & Parachutes

  • BDF parachutes vanilla
  • BDF parachutes Sabs C130
  • BDF parachutes RHS
  • Long Range TFAR Radio Parachute Backpack
  • TFW Radios

Backpacks & Vests

  • MPX BAF: Virtus Armor for 3CB Units
  • SPS JPC Vests
  • Casual Armor Plate Mod
  • ARP_Safety - High visibility reflective belts

Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks

  • Crye Precision Boonies
  • Assault Force Viking Mod
  • Small's Gear Mod
  • MPG - Head Gear
  • More MICH Helmets

Equipment & Uniform Retextures

  • SANDF 2035
  • Ghost Recon CROSSCOM
  • Ghost Recon CROSSCOM (HUD Only)
  • Project Zenith Retextures
  • dbo clothing Sada  
  • S.W.A.T Uniforms
  • TotesGotes' Weapons and Gear
  • FFI Outfit
  • Lasko Camo
  • Hidden Content Mod
  • Aspis Gear (Retextures)

Insignias & Patches

  • Military Insignias mod
  • TFRF Patches and Markers
  • KP Ranks (JRAS version)

Mod packs

  • SANDF Gear
  • COXHOUND Content Pack
  • YuEmod
  • New Zealand Defence Force
  • Raven Tactical Equipment
  • [MTAC] CTRG Uniforms and Equipment V2
  • WAINO addon


  • Russian Ghillie Suits
  • French Ghillie Suit
  • RM Splinter Gear
  • BiB - Uniforms
  • Irish Army Rangers Uniform
  • Police & Medic Uniform MOD
  • Irish Garda Emergency Response Unit Uniform (Police)
  • L&Ts Croatian Armed Forces
  • NCR Uniform
  • NATO Replacement Uniform Pack
  • Finnish Defense Forces uniforms

Uniforms misc

  • HAZMAT Corps
  • ATAINO addon


Misc List Update

  • Added Mod packs section in the Equipment, Mod packs, & Uniform Retextures section
  • Added Watches category to Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Maps, & Watches
  • Fixed some misspells
  • Fixed listings that were not in alphabetical order (about 3/4 of the list)



After about 4hrs of sorting and looking back and forth at the list and armaholic, i started getting better ideas on doing the compilation faster

and overall make the list on the OP more...direct, simpler, specific and distinct, aka efficient!  :slayer1:


Just to note that the OP (1st post of the thread) will not stay the way it is, i have certain rules and or principles i abide by when creating compilations

right now the OP is to generalized, and I plan to make it so that when you come to the thread that you can locate the category of interest

and then drop the spoiler arrow with all the information.

    I'm trying to think on how i can better allocate not spread, (i hate the word spread when applied to certain context's)

but allocate the information in such a way as to not force a person to go to another page to continue on with the list they wish to view.

               i may have categories just have their own pages because of character limitations on the forum.


Anyways i have a more efficient and faster way to do this,  during the week i will be sorting, and weekends i plan to post updates to the list based on what i accomplished,

so expect the OP to change accordingly. All for today, time to actually play something! ;)



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Update - new listings added

Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Radios, Maps, & Watches

  • Big Compass
  • Earplugs x2
  • GVL Flashlight
  • MrSanchez' Headlamps
  • Shoulder-mounted Light
  • Whistle Mod
  • Cyprus No-Sat Map
  • Countdown Watch

Backpack Radios & Parachutes

  • FRXA TFR Extra Retextured Equipment
  • ROK Armed Forces Radio Retexture Addon


  • BackPack [MTP] [ALPHA]
  • A3 LongRifles In Backpacks
  • Bio-Hazard Backpack
  • GOS Sac Ventral
  • Medic Bag - ACE3
  • k Tents for ACE3
  • MRH Satellite
  • SN Backpack Air Transports
  • SN Backpack Static Weapons
  • SN Backpack Troop Transports
  • N Carryall Backpack Plus


  • British Police Vest - #Roleplay
  • Covert Vest: Concealed Body Armor
  • Dusty's Biker vest
  • Flagless Carrier Vests
  • immediate action protocols
  • Ssonik.T's Infantry armor mod
  • suicide belt
  • Virtus Armour System

Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks


  • MPG - Head Gear
  • US Military Berets


  • L4z0r's Custom Trucker Hats
  • UK Police Hat
  • Vanguard Alliance Gear


  • Audio Headset
  • OPFOR Rifleman Balaclava
  • Skull Balaclava [ALPHA]
  • VSM - Accessory


  • bc036's Invisible Headgear
  • CTRG OPS-CORE Helmets
  • FROST helmets
  • Helmet Replacement Mod [Expansion]
  • Helmet Retextures(Enhanced)
  • Voodoo's gear pack HMDs MELB
  • MELB HMD (Imperial)
  • More MICH Helmets
  • Rhino Mount
  • RHS HMDs (Imperial)
  • Small's Gear Mod
  • SSH-60 Helmet


  • FaceGear Project
  • Growling Skull Mod : GunnysMood
  • Hidden Identity Pack [BETA]
  • Uriki's Ballistic Mask
  • Uriki's GTA In Arma

Glasses, Goggles/NVG


  • RHS HMDs
  • Goggles/NVG
  • Full Screen Night Vision Goggles (APEX)
  • General Equipment Addon Release - NVG
  • Thermal Vision Goggles by Rad (OP Edition)
  • Zombie NVG

Insignia & Patches


  • British Army Flashes
  • ArmA 3 Insignia 150+ /with keys
  • ARMA 3 WarHammer 40k Insignia's
  • Danish Military Ranks
  • Kekistan Insignia
  • Kekistan Insignias/Patches
  • Kekistani Insignias
  • KP Ranks (JRAS version)
  • Midnight's Insignia Pack
  • Norse Mythology Mod
  • Project Honor - TF Mako Insignia
  • SCP Insignia
  • TFRF Patches and Markers
  • TheMightyKovacs' Insignias and Patches
  • TT Italian Army Ranks insignias
  • U.S. Army Aviation Regiments Pack
  • U.S. Army Infantry Unit Insignia Pack
  • USAF Insignia and beret
  • USAF Thunderbirds & USN Blue Angels Insignia
  • Vojska Republike Srpske (Insignias)
  • WW2 Commonwealth Insignias
  • WW2 UK Insignias
  • WW2 US Insignias
  • WW2 Wehrmacht Insignias


  • Callsign Patch Pack 1
  • DDC_Patches
  • MAKTAC Airframe
  • Regiment Ranks
  • TAC RRV Flag
  • Tom Clancy's The Division Patch
  • UK Army Ranks
  • Umbrella Patches
  • US Military Rank Patches
  • Weapons Grade Waifus - ArmA 3 Patch Project

Equipment, Gear Packs, & Uniform Retextures


  • Canteen Mod
  • 5thSFU Combat Gear
  • 4th Battalion 7th Marines Modpack
  • ARP_Safety - High visibility reflective belts
  • Complete Arsenal
  • ExoMod Remastered

Gear Packs

  • ArmA 3 Skins
  • Aspis Gear (Retextures)
  • COXHOUND Content Pack
  • CTRG Urban Expansion
  • FFI Outfit
  • Ghost Recon CROSSCOM
  • Ghost Recon CROSSCOM (HUD Only)
  • Hidden Content Mod
  • Insurrection + [Optre-Submod]
  • JSOC North Pack
  • Kekistan Gear
  • Kerbin In Jeopardy
  • KOS Uniforms Winter
  • Military Gear Pack - Extended 01
  • Military Gear Pack AOR Extension
  • MPX BAF: Virtus Armor for 3CB Units
  • NATO Replacement Uniform Pack
  • NCR Uniform
  • OPXT Uniform, Gear, & Weapon Pack
  • Project Zenith
  • Project Zenith Retextures
  • Python/Gridworks Uniforms & Gear
  • Raven Tactical Equipment
  • SANDF 2035
  • SANDF Gear
  • Strichtarn | Vests + Uniforms + Headgear
  • TFRF - Gear
  • TFT8 Uniforms
  • TotesGotes' Weapons and Gear
  • Tryzen / Yevgeni89 Custom Gear Mod
  • UFAC
  • VX Pack
  • WAINO addon
  • Winter Marpat
  • Young Flacko's ATF Pack
  • Young Flacko's Game of Thrones Pack
  • YuEmod
  • MTAC] CTRG Uniforms and Equipment V2
  • [OPXT] Operators eXtreme Tactical - Spec4Gear Addons
  • [ORC]DEVGRU Gear & Equipment pack


Alright guys a massive update for you, last weekend, and this past week i sorted the entire section of  Gear on armaholic

thats 444 listings, 1 listing = 1 addon, now most of it i had already sorted back in 2017 when i first started this project.

         Since then when i had taken a break, alot of new stuff has been added, and my previous update and latest update

here is 75% of the new stuff i had added so far.

im currently on the Uniforms section, and need to go through each country and add the new listings that were added

so the last update, and this one are new listings i had added to the list, lastly i want to let you know i will not be adding any descriptions to the new listings i add,

and here are my 2 reasons why:


1. It takes alot of time to get a rough idea of what an addon is, if it takes me 2 minutes to determine what something is, then write up a description if

the existing description dont work ort vague rather, then multiply that by the number of addons there are that are like that.

       Sometimes the title alone works but most of you guys that submit these addons aren't specific enough as to what your adding, your either giving some back story,

and not entirely describing what the addon is and does, so it takes alot of time to determine what something is, lets just say out of 100 addons

about 25 of them i have no idea what they are for.

Armaholic should have certain requirements for title and description, as i find quite a number of them to be useless.


2. Descriptions take to much space, there is a character limit to a page, once i exceed that, i cannot add anymore and it will screw up the list, that means i have to create another list, and somehow

organize it to make it work and or fit with the previous, it would be ideal if there was a code where you can hover over the link and it would give you the description, but understand that the

sheer numbers of addons on Armaholic, takes alot of time to sort, copy and paste a title, copy, the link, make the link small using tinyurl, and then making the title of the addon link-able,

its best to keep it simple, just know all links will take you directly to an addons page if your unsure.


I should have the uniforms section added and will post an update when i get that done, after that is done the

gear section will be complete with all and the latest updates added. All for today, out of time and tired. Cheers :)


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Update - New listings added


Uniforms - (by country & faction)


  • Dark AAF


  • ASIO


  • Ryan Whites 2035 Australian SF Retex


  • CCT Uniforms


  • 3para uniforms
  • British Army GEN 3 Combat Uniforms
  • British Commandos Uniforms - World War Two
  • British Ghillie Suits
  • Guards Armoured Division Uniforms - World War Two
  • Heroes Uniform Pack I - World War Two
  • IRG UniformPack
  • Multi terrain pattern field uniform
  • Royal Navy Uniforms
  • Royal116's Custom RHS Textures


  • GeK Belgian Uniforms


  • 3rd Canadian Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two


  • CDF Ghilly Suit


  • Crasus Shirt Mod
  • Mechanic Set
  • SC Civilian Uniform Pack 1
  • [IG] Sheriff/Police Clothing
  • Money Camo
  • Civilian Clothing Pack
  • Clothing Pack
  • Custom Civilian Clothing
  • dbo clothing Sada
  • JSTN Police Pack (S.W.A.T)
  • LA Mod
  • Mac Donald's Clothing - GSS
  • Police & Medic Uniform MOD
  • Police Uniform [DB]
  • RM SWAT Uniform
  • S.W.A.T Uniforms


  • CSAT REP mas
  • Revamped CSAT Armor


  • L3H SpecOps


  • ATAINO addon
  • FEMAL3 Uniforms
  • HAZMAT Corps
  • TAC Tiger Stripe Camo Pack

Gameplay Tweaks

  • LAGO CRYSIS NanoSuit
  • Stealth Ghillie
  • Sticky M203/GP25 Smokes


  • Federal Police of Germany


  • CTRG Desert Combat Equipment (w/ Night Gear)
  • CTRG field uniform
  • Joint Task Force NATO
  • JSOC Uniform
  • LT Marpat
  • MARPAT (WD + DS) | Vests + Uniforms + Headgear
  • Multicam field uniform
  • PD Uniforms
  • WAINO Deck Crew
  • Wildcatbridge65's Ghillie Suits all in one

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Defence Force


  • Portugal - Snow Uniform


  • 6094 G3 uniforms
  • Chocolate Chip (DESERT) | Vests + Uniforms + Headgear
  • Army Class B Uniform
  • DEA 2035 | Vests + Uniforms + Helmets (Vanilla Retextures)
  • DireOne JSOC jeans retexture
  • Direone JSOC uniforms retexture
  • FBI Tactical Unit Uniforms
  • Fugitive Recovery Agent Warrant Division Pack
  • General Equipment Addon Release - SG
  • Task Force Black Uniforms


  • Clark's Russian Uniforms
  • Green Sea Battalion Uniforms
  • Russian police uniforms
  • Warsaw Pact & Eastern Aligned RHS Uniform Retextures
  • YuEmod


Misc updates

  • Added new countries and factions
  • adjusted alphabetical order on various listings
  • adjusted some names of countries
  • adjusted some descriptions to only have what the addon does
  • removed the misc section at bottom of list as they contained listings from various countries which have been relisted accordingly
  • spelling


Gear section complete! :yeahthat:

All new listings that weren't already on the list have been added, this is little over a years worth of new listings added.

Next i will be reviewing the gear packs section, and updating that, i may take the gear packs section from the gear section and add it to that,

we'll see, but from there I start sorting the Miscellaneous (Armaholic's Garbage dumpster) section :face_palm:


The Misc section i sorted last year, however like the gear section you can see all the new stuff added, so i can only expect the same, if not more, we'll see.

The Misc section will be a new addition to the list, wait til you see what i got, and how its sorted ;)


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As you may know this past week i was working on the Gear Packs section of the list, which is now complete!

Here is what was done:

  • Resorted all listings from Armaholic's Gear Packs section thats 6 pages / 15 lines (addons) per page / 88 lines in total.
  • Created new categories based on the listings content type.
  • Added alot of new listings since last year.
  • Moved the original Gear Packs post to the post underneath Arma 3 Gear.
  • View the new Gear Packs page here ----->  Gear Packs

1st post/Menu Updates

  • Reworded the description under the title of the page to be more specific.
  • Added a Legend for and above the menu, and Terminology used.
  • Added categories for the current sections complete in a spoiler below each title, this will give a person an idea what a section contains.



Wanted to point out that there are alot of listings in the Gear packs section that dont have any descriptions to them,

the majority of those have decent titles that say what that packs are, however there are some that are not specific so i left them as is.

Whats next?

Next i will be resorting the Arma 3 Miscellaneous section of Armaholic, i said resorting as i have sorted it last year and have established 38 categories at that time.

This new section has 56 pages of 15 lines per page @ 827 lines  in total - remember a line is an addon, so theres 827 addons in that section alone! :shock:

     Yes it will be alot to sort, but no worries i will get it done, and when i do, it will save you guys alot of time on finding stuff, and give you a better opportunity to see what is out there

as that is a good part of why im doing this, enabling the community to see what is available.


Alright guys thats all for today, if there is any questions, or anything you think i could adjust, maybe do better, or just want to give

feedback then dont hesitate to reply, or even send me a pm, im here everyday! :f:

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Update - New Category Section

Been working on the Miscellaneous section since May 5th, heres my progress report:

  • Finished sorting the Miscellaneous section on Armaholic website into bookmarks:   thats 56 pages with 15 addons per page of a total 837 addons sorted into 37 categories (folders).
  • Finished sorting all the Browser bookmarks into 37 categories plus various folders per category. 
  • Finished adding all the categories to the Main menu of the OP in a spoiler and bulleted.
  • Finished adding all Categories and Listings, then Separating them, and Adding bullets on the Miscellaneous page seen here -----> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/199884-addon-mod-compilation-list/?do=findComment&comment=3143243
  • Finished adding text size, font color, and bold/underline to all the categories.

Currently the page has no links or spoilers, i will be adding spoilers to categories when they are complete and when i do start adding the links i will

be doing some sections at a time, a section would be like 1-4 categories in one session per day.


Weekends you will see the most progress, on the list today actually i fished sorting the folders, posted and separated everything, added categories, ect,. so i spent about a good 5-6hrs on this today,

the rest was done over a period of 2 weeks when i had the time, wasn't tired, and not doing other stuff like work, sleep, playing a game for once, and helping the community where i can.

All for today. Cheers!

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May was my last update to the thread, and i want to update this again to let everyone know that i dont plan on working on this anymore,

my reasons are as follows:

1. Armaholic wont ever change their sorting, structure for their content that is and was a given so im not blaming them, i love armaholic just saying my thread here

was just my way of organizing their content more efficiently within the limits of the forum.


2. The amount of content being released in the community is to much to track and then constantly add/update ect,. ya i was on top of it but it becomes a job with no reward other

then a fat massive list for the community which i suppose is good as i was doing it for the community anyways but with little to no feedback one begins to think if your wasting your time.


3. Other then some of the likes and couple of comments the thread received which i do appreciate, seems most would prefer armaholic setup or overall dont care.


4. I'm losing motivation to do much these days and i blame my dam job, working a 3rd shift for 8yrs and getting older is wearing on me, half my weekends are spent

recovering/sleeping/being depressed or unmotivated, while the other half is lucky to create or do anything, by the time i get my energy back and want to do something

its time for work again, and i fucking hate it!


I may come back and do something with parts of this but atm it remains to be seen, the future may tell. Sorry and All for now.

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I plan to do another type of list in the near future that will benefit the community more then anything i've ever created, something this

community has been needing for many years, when it comes you will know.


   As for the list here its still useful in some regards based on as far as i got with it, so i hope that it helps you if you do use it,

for now i move onto a better project that will be rewarding for the community as it will be for me to put it together for you all, i hope that my work in the

community can help you benefit and enjoy the game more. Cheers!

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Add Project OPFOR to mods that are dependent on RHS, please.

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Keeway, this thread is out of date and i stopped working on this project in November 2018 as per my previous post, i dont plan to update it either.

  For what it currently lists is what it is, it has its uses if people find it useful. Cheers.

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