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Many questions have collected:


-UAV Darter waypoints do not always work.


-MQ-12 Falcon Drone. Shift of the center of the camera


-UAV type "support" . Error or unknown type ? Effect of blinking of the screen. There is no return to control UAV.

-The corner of the direction of the camera is clamped, a dead zone under UAV.

-Create two parameters "Autonomous traveling" and "Autonomous laser". Or turn off influence of the Autonomous parameter on function of work of tracking of the camera.



Expansion of functions of the panel in the terminal of management of UAV.

When you need to operate several UAV, there is some inconveniences.



AV terminal of control of the UAV copes with problems of management. But there is a lack of flexibility and absence of information of behavior of the UAV in the information panel.
To place the most part of a context menu of management in the information panel (as shown in drawing).
In a context menu it is possible to leave only "follow unit", "destroy unit".
To add the context menu "watch unit" - visual maintenance of the purpose.


After connection of the terminal to the UAV, there is no access to options of behavior of the UAV. There is only a be disconnected menu.
When there is no a traveling point, there is no access to the menu of behavior the UAV. It isn't correct, I can't change behavior of the UAV when it already arrived to an appointment point, or before travel to a point.

Advantages of such visual and functional change of the panel of the terminal of the UAV:

  • fast access to information of behavior of the UAV
  • fast access to change of behavior UAV
  • fast access to information and change of behavior for each point of a route of UAV
  • management of Zoom of cameras in the terminal


Try to switch management between two \three UAVs, to change them tasks, in this case it isn't always convenient to use a context menu. When you switch from one UAV to another, you don't see what tasks carries out and what nature of behavior is defined for this UAV.



It is necessary:

  • Add a menu item, in the screen to the purpose - "Watch Unit" / "End Watch Unit". Function has to include tracking of the camera the purpose.
  • Add management of Zoom of cameras. Function of management zoom of the camera in the terminal.
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 UAV  (LGB) can`t auto engage enemy when fly height above 600-700 m

no stealth gameplay :(

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I do not understand this bug is easy to appear on bespilotnike. I put two drone in the editor, and a detachment of the enemy. During the game in the editor, drone revolves around the point and can not take the appointed position.
Is there no time to fix it?

-UAV Darter waypoints do not always work.




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The camera/ turret view at long range needs to be stabilized. If you doing recon with with Drones you have excessive camera shake when zoomed in-even if the Drone just hovers stationary.

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An option to mute audio feedback when controlling an UAV would be uber cool.

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