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  1. Super Miller Land

    ArmA = LEGO Toy You make your game!
  2. This function is very interesting for a hostage mission with an enemy infiltrated in the middle of the hostages, but in this case the weapon would not be hidden. I used the script posted here by Larrow, but I made a modification and it worked here the way I wanted it. So I did so, put three suspects and each of them gave the name of "badguy1", "badguy2" and "badguy3". file init.sqf, here will make the script run on one of the suspect randomly. private _bad = selectRandom [badguy1, badguy2, badguy3]; _null = [ _bad, 10, 0 ] execVM "BadGuy.sqf"; Inside the file "badguy.sqf" //I used the script posted by Larrow, but I made a modification not to hide the weapon. Link of the forum with the script posted by him. Every merit by Larrow. >> https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/212617-have-ai-pull-weapon-when-trigger-fired/?do=findComment&comment=3258848 //BADGUY.sqf params[ "_badGuy", "_distance", "_percentChance" ]; if !( local _badGuy ) exitWith {}; _percentChance = _percentChance / 100; removeAllWeapons _badGuy; { _badGuy removeMagazine _x }forEach magazines _badGuy; _badGuy allowFleeing 0; _trg = createTrigger[ "EmptyDetector", getPos _badGuy, false ]; _trg setTriggerArea[ _distance, _distance, 0, false, 100 ]; _trg setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "PRESENT", true ]; _trg setTriggerStatements [ "this", format[ " _badGuy = '%1' call BIS_fnc_objectFromNetId; if ( !isnull _badGuy && { alive _badGuy && { random 1 >= %2 }} ) then { [ _badGuy, 'hgun_Rook40_F', 2, '16Rnd_9x21_Mag' ] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; }; ", _badguy call BIS_fnc_netId, _percentChance ], format[ " _badGuy = '%1' call BIS_fnc_objectFromNetId; if ( !isnull _badGuy && { alive _badGuy && { _badGuy hasWeapon 'hgun_Rook40_F' }} ); ", _badguy call BIS_fnc_netId ] ]; _trg attachTo [ _badGuy ]; * Just to clarify, I do not understand anything of script, so I me fun for Dr. Frankstein with script that I find, I get a line here and another line there and see if it works and I get what I look for, sometimes it works, sometimes it's not. I come here to ask how it is done. And in this case I got what I was looking for, but it might have a simpler shape that I still do not know. Neither English I understand, I use the Chrome browser to understand English a little. This automatic translator has helped me very.
  3. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Thanks BI
  4. Forgive me for reliving this topic. But in what file and where is this added? I'm pretty noob about the script, mainly because English is not my language. If the completion of the download activates a trigger, you can do this trigger after being activated activate a task module.
  5. Lack of rock collision in the Rock on Malden map.

    My sincere apologies. The Chrome browser translated into my language when editing and saving the post, so I did not even notice my error. At no point did I want to disrespect the rules of the forum. * Chrome here is enabled to translate texts in my language, so I often do not know what is in English or Portuguese, because everything here in Chrome is only in one language.
  6. Lack of rock collision on the Malden map. The player or character AI can cross it. Below is an image of the rock and its location without GPS. Pos. GPS: 026062 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126716 ** Sorry if this is the wrong place.
  7. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Sarcasm colleague, just sarcasm ;)
  8. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Rubber bullets and Tear gas.
  9. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    First of all, I thank Bohemia for the game and its expansions, as it gives me many hours of fun. And I would suggest a few things if possible. 1- That the open area for a little bigger or a little more to the left side, because today the visibility is not very good especially at night. 2- Increase the headlamp illumination a little, because you can not tell if it is on or not, which does not help the visibility at night. Ligth off Light on * You only notice when using NVG, but not all missions this will be possible. Light off with NVG Light on NVG 3- The possibility of loading a small object or vehicle in the rear of the Van, thus the occupied place will be blocked for AI/Player, same will be if the character occupy the place of the cargo where it will block for object. 4- That the seat occupied by the second soldier is possible to fire, since it has frontal vision of the vehicle when the door is open. Second soldier * Allow the character to stay with the weapon(compact rifles or SMG) in combat form, even when the door is closed, as this will give a possibility of a quick action before the door finishes the open animation. English by Google Translator. 5- A transport van without the rear windows.
  10. It worked flawlessly. Many thanks for the help. @avibird 1 I know the MCC, but I wanted something that does not use "Addon". Thanks for the help too.
  11. Command to join(lidering) the AI group(script spawn) when approaching someone in the group. Hello colleague, I need some help because I am a layman with the script and English is not my native language. I would like to know how to get my character to join and lead a group that was generated by script, but only when I get close to any of the members of that group. The group-creating script I already know how to do, it's just my character's need to join the group when they get close to some of the group's soldiers. Doubt 2 How do I get a player to only be attacked when I am inside an area created by the trigger, where if I leave this area I am no longer attacked? Here I leave my thanks to whoever can help me.
  12. Hello, I'm having some problems that I do not know if it's Bug or something is missing. 1 - In the script spawn a helicopter for extraction, it happens that a helicopter appears for each player online (my PC of which also play with them), in that these vehicles appear in the same place causing an explosion by the collision of them in the same place of the spawn. Trigger activated by the presence of the player on the spot Trigger command within ON ACT null = [this] execVM "ExtraPlay.sqf" File ExtraPlay.sqf _veh = createVehicle ["B_heli_Transport_01_camo_F",getMarkerPos "mhel",[], 0, "fly"]; _veh setVehicleVarName "heli2"; missionNamespace setVariable ["heli2", _veh, true]; createVehicleCrew heli2; {_x allowdamage false} forEach crew heli2; heli2 setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; heli2 setBehaviour "CARALESS"; heli2 setCollisionLight true; sleep 3; heli2 sideChat "Aqui é a equipe de Extração! Pedimos para marca no mapa com um click do mouse o local para extrairmos vocês!"; MapClicked = false; onMapSingleClick "clickPos = _pos; MapClicked = true; onMapSingleClick {};"; waitUntil {MapClicked}; player sideChat format["Marcando posição em %1", clickPos]; Mark2 = createMarker [" ", clickPos]; Mark2 setMarkerShape "ICON"; Mark2 setMarkerType "hd_pickup"; Mark2 setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; Mark2 setMarkerSize [1,1]; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// player sideChat "LZ já marcado no mapa!"; sleep (4); heli2 sideChat "Entendido!"; sleep (3); heli2 sideChat "Equipe de extração se movendo para o local marcado"; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _heliH = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle clickPos; heli2 domove getPos _heliH; heli2 setspeedmode "NORMAL"; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// waitUntil {heli2 distance _heliH < 1000}; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// sleep (1); heli2 sideChat "Equipe de extração próximo do local marcado."; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// waitUntil {heli2 distance _heliH < 200}; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// heli2 flyinheight 25; heli2 domove getPos _heliH; heli2 land "heliH"; waitUntil {player distance heli2 < 10}; heli2 animateDoor ['Door_R', 1]; heli2 animateDoor ['Door_L', 1]; commandstop heli2; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// waitUntil {player in heli2}; // Condição para levantar voo, que aqui é após todos os jogadores estiverem embarcado heli2 sideChat "Subam rápido! Preparando para leantar voo em 20 segundos"; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// sleep (20); heli2 sideChat "Equipe de Extração levando nossos soldados em segurança!"; deleteMarker Mark2; sleep (5); heli2 domove getpos QG; heli2 flyinheight 25; heli2 setspeedmode "Limited"; heli2 domove getpos QG; waitUntil {heli2 distance QG < 200}; heli2 domove getPos QG; heli2 land "QG"; commandstop heli2; exit; 2- In a simple trigger where a vehicle placed in the editor, it only moves after I (host PC) enter the vehicle. If another online player enters the vehicle he does not leave the place, but the trigger recognizes that the player activated because the message appears by the command "hint" Trigger to command the pilot to move to the waypoint already set on the map. COND Player in car (car is the name of the vehicle) ON ACT Hint "Recognized Trigger" So colleagues have these two problems, if anyone can tell me where the error is, I thank you. *In all cases above, the Bot only obeys the trigger when I the host of the mission activates the trigger, any other player online the Bot does not obey, but the trigger recognizes the other player so much that the "tip" message appears, even the "hint" it has inside the SQF script lines work, but the BOT move does not work. link mission in editor > https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvZrCEHeJxl_kc0k5BQvsKCV1ubSYA English by Google tradutor
  13. TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    I will be very happy if these moves "Enhanced Movement by Bad Beason" to added in a DLC.
  14. Jump

    I will be very happy if these moves to added in a DLC. Who knows in "Tac-Ops"
  15. ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    I believe this Mod would be very welcome to DLC Orange