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  1. snakeplissken

    MP alert level unit spawning

    GTA? rs Where are these scripts placed and called?
  2. Hello, I'd like some help if possible. What am I looking for and trying to add a parachute on each Ai unit when each unit is 100m off the ground. The purpose of is to make the AI not open the parachute to the 300m from which the game has programmed for this, since I am doing a mission of which a group will jump from the plane and they (AI) should only open the parquedas when they are to 100m of height . The problem is that the AI when it is already with the parachute, it automatically opens when it reaches 300m, which is programmed by the game. I know I could solve this by creating triggers for each drive, and this triggers use the command below which would recognize that altitude and so the triggers would execute the command to add the parachute to it. In trigger in COND getPos NAMEUNIT select 2 < 110; In trigger in ACT NAMEUNIT addBackpack "B_Parachute"; But the problem is that when the character is already on the ground (before boarding the plane), the trigger already recognizes and already adds the parachute. So to avoid this, decide to give a parachute for each unit when each of them reaches 100m from the ground. I created a SQF file with the Waypoint that the aircraft should do and inside the script has all the commands where it removes the parachute after the jump (it prevents him from opening at 300m), and then places the parachute again 100m off the ground. *"corvo" is name of group **"pombo" is name of airplane *** "red" is the pilot group name if (!isServer) exitWith {}; /// waypoint of airplane _waypoint0 = red addwaypoint[(getmarkerpos "Mk1"),0]; _waypoint0 setwaypointtype "Move"; _waypoint0 setWaypointStatements ["true", "pombo flyInHeight 300; hint 'rising to 300m';"]; _waypoint1 = red addwaypoint[(getmarkerpos "Mk2"),0]; _waypoint1 setwaypointtype "Move"; _waypoint1 setWaypointStatements ["true", "pombo flyInHeight 500; hint 'rising to 500m'"]; _waypoint2 = red addwaypoint[(getmarkerpos "Mk3"),0]; _waypoint2 setwaypointtype "move"; _waypoint2 setWaypointStatements ["true", "pombo flyInHeight 700; hint 'rising to 700m'"]; _waypoint3 = red addwaypoint[(getmarkerpos "Mk4"),0]; _waypoint3 setwaypointtype "move"; _waypoint3 setWaypointStatements ["true", "pombo flyInHeight 1000; hint 'rising to 1000m'; pombo limitSpeed 150; {_x addBackpack 'B_Parachute'} foreach units corvo;"]; _waypoint4 = red addwaypoint[(getmarkerpos "Mk5"),0]; _waypoint4 setwaypointtype "move"; _waypoint4 setWaypointStatements ["true", "pombo flyInHeight 1000; hint 'Jump!'; {_x action ['EJECT', pombo]} foreach units corvo; pombo land 'land'"]; [red, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; [red, 1] setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; /// Command from which to remove the parachute from BotAI as they leave the plane, and puts it back when one of them reaches a certain height waitUntil {{!(_x in pombo)} foreach units corvo;}; {removeBackpack _x} foreach units corvo; /// Remove the parachute from the whole group player addBackpackGlobal "B_Parachute"; /// Only places the parachute on the player waitUntil {{getPos _x select 2 <= 120} foreach switchableUnits;}; /// Recognizes when one of the group BotAI arrives at the marked altitude {_x addBackpack "B_Parachute"} foreach units corvo; /// Put a parachute to everyone in the group What I'm sure is that I am lost in these lines here, the first one recognizes as soon as the first AI reaches the altitude, and the second line adds the parachute to everyone in the group, I not the one that reached the altitude, where those still far above it the altitude, will receive the parachute as well. waitUntil {{getPos _x select 2 <= 110} foreach switchableUnits;}; {_x addBackpack 'B_Parachute'} foreach units corvo; What will solve this problem is some command line from which it recognizes one unit (AI) at a time when it reaches the marked altitude, and the parachute will be placed only in that unit (AI) *Human players will keep the parachute with him as soon as he jumps out of the plane, because he will already know the right time to open the parachute. **I found command that generates a parachute already open in the character (createVehicle ['Steerable_Parachute_F', position Player, [], 0, 'Fly'];), but I prefer to use a parachute even though it has all the animation to open it, and also if the player does not pay attention, it can smash to the ground. *** The mission is Coop but it can also be SP, so I think it's best to insert a parachute backpack into the player and AI character.
  3. snakeplissken

    Help, Script Loot Position

    Unfortunately this forum does not have the ability to demonstrate my happiness. Thank you very much for your help, because without it I would not have gotten this function in script. May peace, happy and health accompany you everywhere.
  4. snakeplissken

    Running Scripts Via init?

    What you should do is just put the script line inside the INIT.SQF file of your mission folder. [pond, "low"] execvm "AL_localfog \ local_fog.sqf"; // it makes the fog on the ground. [clif, "high"] execvm "AL_localfog \ local_fog.sqf"; // This is the fog on the top of the mountain. Choose which one to use, then place a small object on the map like a pen or even the helipad shown in the video, and give it the name "pond" if you want the fog on the ground, or "clif" if you want the fog on the some mountain peak. If you use only one, then delete the other line of script, leaving only the one that will use inside file init.sqf. Within the folder of your mission you should have the file "init.sqf", "ini_fog.sqf" and the "AL_localfog" folder. The other files are optional.
  5. snakeplissken

    Help, Script Loot Position

    @Grumpy Old Man thank you! Your name will be in the credits for my script and mission and the tutorial video that I will publish with this script, because I have a channel that shows how to create ArmA 3 tasks to do their own missions. It worked like magic! With now this same script I can accomplish other things that I have in mind. Now one thing I noticed is that the generated item always stays on the ground, I know that you have helped me a lot, but can you tell if you have how the spawned item stays above on some of the object that I put on the map? I tried to link the line .. _Loot1 attachTo [_x, [0,0,0.62]]; I saw that the script generates an in-place markup, so you can not attach the spawn item to it. I think of this possibility because I would like to spawn some item on some tables and boxes.
  6. Hello! I'll try to explain this carefully, but I want to warn you that I do not understand anything about scripting, and I do not speak English either, of which it hurts me a lot in endenter the script. I have a SQF file with the script below, this script adds some random items, so I put that SQF script inside the Init of a "Land_Battery_F" battery so that each battery scattered on the map manages these items. *My file "loot.sqf" if ! ( isServer ) exitWith {}; _loot = nearestObject [player, "Land_Battery_F"]; _weap = selectRandom ["hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F", "hgun_P07_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_Yorris_F", "hgun_Rook40_F"]; _qtd1 = random 3; _qtd2 = random 1; _this = _loot; _Loot1 = "groundweaponholder" createVehicle getpos _this; // Creates "groundweaponholder _magazines = getArray (configFile / "CfgWeapons" / _weap / "magazines"); _magazineClass = _magazines call bis_fnc_selectRandom; _Loot1 addWeaponCargoGlobal [_weap, 1]; // creater weapon _Loot1 addMagazineCargoGlobal [_magazineClass, _qtd1]; // creates magazine _Loot1 addItemCargoGlobal ["optic_Arco_blk_F", _qtd2]; // creates optics _Loot1 addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_AssaultPack_blk", _qtd2]; // creates backpacks _Loot1 attachTo [_this, [0,0,0.62]]; detach _Loot1; inside the Init of a battery ("Land_Battery_F") nul = execVM "target_loot.sqf"; The problem I'm encountering is .. 1. The items only generate on the battery closest to the player; 2. All items from other batteries always generates on the battery closest to the player, so the first battery is with all items generated of other battery placed on the map. I believe the problem is in the line below since it uses the player's position. _loot = nearestObject [player, "Land_Battery_F"]; I searched for solutions in other scripts that I about adding loot, but I always get lost inside them, because as I said, I do not understand anything of script and also do not understand English, because I always use the translator for everything here. The help I'd like is the correct command for each battery placed on the map add your own script item. If anyone can help me in this, I will be very grateful.
  7. Hello, I'd like some help for a Coop mission I'm creating. But I'm having trouble finalizing with failure when all the players die and there are no more "Tickets" to give respawn. I tried using the command below inside the trigger to quit the mission should this occur. in Trigger COND {alive _x} count allPlayer <= 0 && [ west, 0 ] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets <= 0; On Act ["End3",false] remoteExecCall ["BIS_fnc_endMission"] But the problem I encounter here is that when the last player alive with several "Tickets" remaining dies, and the mission ends before he returns to the map with the respawn. I believe the condition... {alive _x} count allPlayer <= 0; ... is activated while the player is not inside the map, as he is dead waiting for the time count to end for him to reappear, while the other command ... [ west, 0 ] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets <= 0; ...It has already been activated once the first player has exhausted their "Tickets". Then because of the two actions in the game, the "Tickets ends" and the "last player to die getting off the map waiting for the time to reappear", the condition is recognized and thus activates the trigger. *Forgive me for any typos, because English is not my language, I end up always using the Google translator to ask or answer questions.
  8. snakeplissken

    Game freeze/crashe after opening map

    In the last update of Windows to version 1803, my game crashed into a black screen after 30s of entering that any online game (King of the Hil, BattleRoyale, Wasteland and Exile), already playing in singleplay the game worked normally. To resolve only by restarting the PC by the cabinet button,, the very few times an error message appeared was something related to a DirectX ".dll" file. I tested with several versions of VGA drive, I reinstalled the game twice and nothing, it continued the same thing, it crashed online and it works in SP, so i browsing on Google saw that this update hurt other games like BF1 and PUBG, and only with reinstalling WIndows with the updated version solved the problems of the games, so that's what I did, I downloaded ISO on Microsoft's website and reinstalled Windows in its upgraded version "1803", and then I installed the game using Backup I did that game on Steam, and after that I never had this problem with the game locking up with less than 1min in Online game. What I mean is that the problem is sometimes not in the game, but there may have been some modification on the PC with update of drive which can corrupt some Windows file, and to fix this only with reinstallation *Sorry for any typing errors, English is not my language, so I use Google translator to me communicate for here with you.
  9. Error? "Respawn tickets" runs out and the mission does not end, and the "Spectator" mode is not working? In this video I show something that I think should be a bug of the game, because using the Tickets feature to limit the amount of respawn, when the Tickets finishes and all the characters of the game die having no more how to return to the map, the game should be closed with the failure of the mission. But in the video I show that this does not happen and I have to quit the mission manually, now imagine you using it on a dedicated server where the game would get stuck on this screen, because you can not quit the mission automatically. I was wondering if this is a bug or if you have a way to get the mission failed done when everyone is out of Tickets and dead. Bug mode Espectator? * If this is not a bug, then I apologize, because I believed that this is not to work like that.
  10. snakeplissken

    Main & Secondary Tasks

    *English translated by Google Is that what you want to do? If it is, you can do this directly from the publisher. * The video is not in English, but it is easy to understand what should be done. @Edit I found an English video
  11. snakeplissken

    Changealbe magazine models for ArmA 3 weapons

    They would have to edit all models of 5.56 weapons like MK20, TRG-21 and SPAR-16. Remembering that it has the same model only with different camouflage (Mk20 and SPAR-16), short and long barrel and models with grenade launchers.
  12. snakeplissken

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Would it be possible to have a control terminal, where you can control the weapons manually without the need to have a portable UAV control in the inventory? Example of what could be a control terminal in the image below. * So we could put the terminal inside the destroyer or even a control base to do some crazy missions XD This is the ArmA 2 UAV terminal.
  13. That's what I realized too! Just using it once at the end of the script, it also works perfectly. And taking advantage, thank you very much for the help.
  14. I edited the post above, and taking advantage, thank you very much for the help.
  15. @Hazj and @greenpeacekiller, I modified leaving it as it is below, and now and it is working perfectly! Many thanks to you both for helping me a lot! It's people like you who take pride in this forum. scriptName "script\fn_downloadData"; /* Code written by Haz */ #define __FILENAME "script\fn_downloadData.sqf" if (isDedicated || !hasInterface) exitWith {}; disableSerialization; _object = dataTerminal1; _getSignal = { _signal = switch (true) do { case (player distance2d getPosATL _object <= 5) : { "a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\RscTitles\RscHvtPhase\JAC_A3_Signal_4_ca.paa" }; case (player distance2d getPosATL _object > 5 && player distance2d getPosATL _object <= 6) : { "a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\RscTitles\RscHvtPhase\JAC_A3_Signal_3_ca.paa" }; case (player distance2d getPosATL _object > 6 && player distance2d getPosATL _object <= 9) : { "a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\RscTitles\RscHvtPhase\JAC_A3_Signal_2_ca.paa" }; case (player distance2d getPosATL _object > 9 && player distance2d getPosATL _object <= 13) : { "a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\RscTitles\RscHvtPhase\JAC_A3_Signal_1_ca.paa" }; case (player distance2d getPosATL _object > 13) : { "" }; }; _signal }; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "disp_downloadingData"; (_display displayCtrl 200) ctrlSetText "Carregando o arquivo..."; _downloaded = 0; _increment = 2; while {_downloaded < 100 && "layer_rsc_downloadingData" in allCutLayers} do { _downloaded = _downloaded + _increment; (_display displayCtrl 300) ctrlSetText format ["%1", {alive _x && _x distance2d getPosATL _object <= 13} count allUnits]; (_display displayCtrl 400) progressSetPosition (_downloaded / 100); (_display displayCtrl 500) ctrlSetText format ["%1%2 / 100%2", _downloaded, "%"]; (_display displayCtrl 700) ctrlSetText format ["%1", call _getSignal]; if (player distance2d getPosATL _object > 13) exitWith { ("layer_rsc_downloadingData" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutText ["", "PLAIN"]; }; if (_downloaded >= 100) then { Download_OK = true; publicVariable "Download_OK"; Download_OK remoteExec ["true"]; ["Bingo!"] remoteExec ["hint", 0]; }; sleep 1; // hintSilent "still running"; }; ("layer_rsc_downloadingData" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutText ["", "PLAIN"]; // hintSilent "not running"; if (_downloaded >= 100) then { Download_OK = true; publicVariable "Download_OK"; Download_OK remoteExec ["true"]; ["Bingo!"] remoteExec ["hint", 0]; }; ** Even if you use the command just at the end of the script it still works, but to avoid any error, decide to leave the two commands in the two locations that were mentioned here.