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Count all independent vehicles in trigger area.

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I am making a mission on Isla Duala and I wish to have a trigger that counts all INDFOR vehicles and triggers when they are all destroyed.


I found this code:

getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof my_unit >> "side") == 2;

But I am not sure if this will work. or how to actually get it to trigger when all tanks and BTR vehicles are destroyed.


Or would this code work?




This way I can have a condition where the players destroy all armoured vehicles, then can move in with infantry to attack the compound.



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Use trigger functionalities for that.

If you set trigger activation to Independent, the trigger will store only indfor units inside trigger in thisList variable.

You than  need only the statement for  activate the trigger.

(count (thislist select {alive _x && (_x isKindOf "Tank" || _x isKindOf "Car")})) isequalto 0
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