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[ALiVE, COOP 20] Border Patrol

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The Federally Administered Tribal Areas are a hotbed for Taliban activity, as well as smuggling of arms and supplies across the Afghan/Pakistani border.  3 Commando Brigade has been charged with securing the region and eliminating the Taliban threat.


If you haven't played any of my missions before, this is a fully persistent ALiVE campaign primarily designed for COOP, but it can be played by a single person as well.  


Some features of this mission include:

-Suicide bombers, IEDs, ambushes, insurgent camps

-Fully persistent, living world campaign using the entire suite of ALiVE features

-Four fully fleshed out FOBs complete with authentic sounds, British paraphanelia, fully furnished tents, HQs, medical areas, etc.

-Close Air Support, Transport, Helo Spawner/Resupply

-Troop Spawners

-Spyderblack's outstanding Civilian Interaction system


As with all of my missions, I hope you enjoy it and no...I won't remove mods.  I love mods.  



Mods needed are:


Davido's Custom Taliban Script (these guys look great!!) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByRTbY28pkpiUFVSbFNHRmEtYjA/view?usp=shar

Spyder Addons (Steam)

CBA (Steam)

ACE (Steam)

ALiVE (Steam)

Massi's Middle East Conflict Vehicles Version (Steam)

Massi's Nato Russian Vehicles (Steam)

Massi's Nato Russian Weapons (Steam)

CUP Terrains (Steam)


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Small update.  Added some more Taliban camps and built out the Brit FOBs a bit more.

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Thought I'd post some vids of our unit in action on this campaign.  Really really enjoying FATA...first time using it and it's a stellar map for Afghan campaigns.



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This mission is a perfect example for how to build an insurgency with ALiVE. The way you've made it a relatively "even fight," but have spread the units around the map to keep the player team engaged is very clever and I encourage people wanting to know how to build an amazing ALiVE experience to check it out and learn from it.

The bases you've made on this map are also so well put together, it's inspired me to go on a 4-day binge going through all of mine and making the FOB's, camps and outposts more believable and awesome. I'll send you some screens. :)

Good job on this one man.

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