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On 12/30/2020 at 6:55 AM, SHIFTY_TFD said:

 Sure, basically as it is now players' Arma 3 profiles allow them to set their face and glasses. Allowing them to put items like APRs, goggles, balaclava, etc. These items carry over into missions (SP and MP).

The only way I've found to override the players' profile is to set the playable units loadout (I usually do it in the ACE arsenal) enter the BI Virtual Arsenal (ACE arsenal export doesn't work), export the loadout, go into the units attributes, and paste the copied loadout into the init section. This obviously copies the whole loadout which isn't really needed. So I then cut it all down to the face related items, as shown below:


comment "Exported from Arsenal by SHIFTY"; 
comment "[!] UNIT MUST BE LOCAL [!]"; 
if (!local this) exitWith {}; 
comment "Remove existing items"; 
removeHeadgear this; 
removeGoggles this; 

this addHeadgear "CUP_H_OpsCore_Covered_Fleck_SF"; 
this addGoggles "CUP_G_ESS_BLK_Facewrap_Black";

Is there a way 3den Enhanced could do this by itself by a checkbox or something similar? It can get a bit tedious going through every unit in a mission doing this manually.



@SHIFTY_TFD I have forwarded that issue to a dev, perhaps we see a fix of some sort in the future. You can keep track of it here:  https://github.com/R3voA3/3den-Enhanced/issues/152

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Hey folks,


from now on, please post feedback, suggestions or bug reports either on the Steam Workshop page or GitHub.



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