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Well, since this tread got bumped anyway, might as well ask...


Will there be an update to APEX, since we got vanilla chinese radio protocols and somewhat latest QBZ-95 upgraded varients?

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This addon adds PLA Forces units, weapons and vehicles to Arma3, it is made using retextured uniform and imported gear and weaponsin order to represent the following PLA assets :
- PLA Infantry.
- PLA Marines.
- PLA Special Forces.
- PLA Winter/Arctic troops.
- PLA Paratroopers.
- PLA Divers.
I used web sources .


- Units are equipped with QBZ rifles derived from Apex CAR95, they're compatible with all other accessores without any requirements.
- Units are equipped with custom helmets, headgear, bodyarmor, uniforms. 
- Weapons are compatible with CBA and all third party's optics/accessories compatible with CBA, even if CBA is not a requirement for this addon.
- Each camo class has its own faction now (Alive will spawn units with same camo now).
- Custom facegear like googles and gasmask.
- Paras and Divers units already equipped with parachutes and diver gear respectively.
- There are 2 weapon boxes containing all weapons/ammo and custom gear/equipment.
- Wide variety of groups in the editor.
- Uniforms, headgear, weapons and equipment can be placed on the ground in 3d editor now.
- Preview pictures in the editor.
- Custom flags and markers.
- Classlist included in folder.
- Reduced addon size, improved cfg, improved models and textures and removed dependencies from other addons.


- Arma3 with Marksman and Apex DLC.
- No addons required.


Not so far.


- Removed all dependancies from my weapon's mod
- Reworked all models and textures
- Updated with Apex's Chinese language
- Fixed and improved config
- Added Marines and Winter troops
- Removed deprecated HD units
- Fixed / updated vehicle's config (for vehicle version)



Standard (No dependancies):


Vehicle Version (Require Mas NATO Spets Vehicle):



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Would you make some 6-weehled small vehicles or maybe a some skins for Jet Ranger,Fennec helicopters that they use or copied from other places?

Maybe ,even James Bonds small hovercraft?    A better Kayak would be cool.Yellow tinted glasses,Pilot glasses.

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Updated PLA units


- Added full set of OPFOR retextured vehicles, so now it's a complete faction with no other requirements
- Added Special Forces in urban camo
- Added winter camo units
- Reworked all the camouflage of uniforms and equipment
- Added new facegear
- Added platecarriers variants
- Added SA-7
- Added dress uniform for Officer
- Improved models and textures of vest and helmets
- I've updated also the "PLA Forces Vehicles" with the same files(no more NATO RUS Vehicle dependancy), so it is now a duplicate of this one, please revert to this version since it's the one that will ke kept updated




PLA Check Point in Tanoa

PLA Combined Assault in Tanoa

PLA Marines landing in Tanoa

PLA Special Forces clear a village in Stratis

PLA Special Forces capture insurgent in Stratis

PLA Commanding Officer brief pilots before an Air Mission

PLA units setting up camp in Tirsk



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