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Copy profile to new pc-showcases

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Hello, sorry, if someone already started question like this, but I've been searching and didn't find anything. Well my problem is that I want to copy profile information to another PC...I could easily find the profile in documents/Arma 3 etc. I succesfully transferred profile data of my campaigns, showcases, challenges and settings.

Now where is the problem, right? Well, in challenges, I see that I've completed them...but the times are gone! I had all the gold medals in those challenges I completed(all but marksman and helicopters, cos I haven't played the game since they were released)

...And in Virtual reality training, all the training places(explosives, weapons etc) are gone too...but those are not problem, I can easily get them back in a moment....yet the challenges really irritate me, because I spent a lot of time mastering them...If anyone knows where I can find data containing those times, please, tell me, it would be really painful to do them again... ;) Thank you very much


Edit: I tried to search everywhere, even in registers, but couldn't find something that might be it....

EDIT2: I've finally found the solution..it is the vars file...somehow it always got reseted when i was playin Arma, but now it works properly and i have my times back...please


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