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[WIP]F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

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Awesome... Firewill, you´re the Air Combat genius! I´m anxious to put your jets on Iron Hand missions against POOKs SAMs... but you´ve said RHS radars are no longer supported, so HARM will ignore RHS radar stations?


BTW, I´ve noticed F-2 had a better survivability against POOK SAMs... is it coded to be more stealthy or just lucky? lol


E-Day is comiiiiing!!!!!!


Happy Holidays!

because, new code is use "nearEntities" instead of "nearestObjects"

its more faster but can search living entities only, static object(like building) is can't search i heard.



Fucking amazing stuff going on here.  GPS targeting can now do more than one at a time?  That's awesome.


Any chance of getting FLIR PIP on one of the MFD's in F-15E cockpit?


Picture included for explanation.

FLIR Screen is available for Pilot and WSO each one MFD.

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