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yes i run windows 10 and have been for a few months i didnt get into windows 8 but am enjoying windows 10 works with steam and arma3 perfectly

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I like virtual/multiple desktops, and hoping for aero

But I have certain dislikes.Metro glued with menu start is still looking

and feeling counterproductive to me.Touted "Pc gaming" is really -

here's Xbox, stream from xbox, chat with xbox contacts, nothing

really in that application benefits obvious pc gamer that don't have

anything to do with xbox.

Also I dislike big icons in explorer.

What crossed my mind was also having minimal interface (when you right click) so instead of

having lots of choices like rotate left/right, scan, things like that cluttering options screen,

I would like to see just copy/paste/cut/rename/delete type of deal.

Another thing that I heard from comments was gamer mode.Wouldn't be good if we could

click on Game mode button and windows would kill excessive performance programs

to free resources for a game.On the other hand tablet mode is in, which makes bit


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