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New version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account (vbawol) on Armaholic.

This means soon you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

** Note:

since this is a project on which more people are working we will contact you in the future to discuss how you want this to be setup on Armaholic.

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thanks for the update guys!

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Hi there,

I checked Wiki and FAQ, but still could not find out what these two items are used for:

- Jack (often found in spawned cars)

- Food Cooler (empty)

Can anybody enlighten my darkness? ;)



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Updated mod v0.3.0.4 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:


Hey Epoch Team , you can upload updates or new mods to withSIX yourself now!

Make your own promo page, get the power to release your work at your own point of choosing.

To learn more, follow this guide.

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[Added] Support for Esseker map.

[Added] Support for Takistan and loot positions for more AiA TP buildings.

[Added] Support for Australia Terrain Thanks to the communites of http://uk-gaming-zone.co.uk/, http://thewild.zone, http://www.utomnia.com/

[Added] More loot positions for AiA TP buildings and updates to existing positions to add pallets and freezers.

[Added] Female characters now have uniform storage once again.

[Added] Server side config for max player Krypto limits.

[Added] Environmental loot checks recoded and now allow for config via description.ext.

[Added] Drone spawn chances reduced.

[Added] Client spawning Sapper and Drone chance can now be controlled via description.ext.

[Added] Server side version check added to CfgEpochClient.

[Changed] Reduce payouts on scrap metal farming.

[Changed] Disabled Vehicle Simulation Handler by default as it does not seem to be needed anymore. re-enable vehicle simulation handler with simulationHandler = true in epochconfig.hpp.

[Changed] lower primary weapon spawn chances.

[Changed] Lower Krypto value for metal salvage and scraps.

[Changed] Disable moving traders by default again (Needs recoding in fsm)

[Changed] Increased weight of Cinder Blocks and Mortar Buckets.

[Changed] Revert workaround for 1.46 crash fix requires 1.46 build 131265 or higher.

[Changed] telepos array now uses modelToWorld offsets instead of world space positions.

[Changed] Increased delay between antagonist spawns to 10 minutes.

[Fixed] Increase range on proximity checks for gear should help with loot target issues.

[Fixed] Krypto device will now only drop if player actually had Krypto.

[Fixed] Added missing backpack B_AssaultPack_blk to loot table and pricing.

[Fixed] Teleport issues on Stratis or any other map with one or less teleport pad.

[Fixed] Added prevention of using tactical view.

[Fixed] Unable to sell new 762x54 150Rnd ammo box.

[Fixed] Energy, krypto stats shown and mouse auto centers once again when opening inventory.

[Fixed] Recoil_default error on first use of hatchet.

[Fixed] Weight added to SR-25 and L85A2 rifles.

[Fixed] Lower base armor on characters to Arma defaults, should fix issues with damage reporting.

[info] Updated windows command line example to show usage of -serverMod

[info] Updated description.ext and mission pbo's for new cultist configs.


[Changed] Helicopter air drop event code disabled by default as it needs more work.

[Fixed] Cultist should now spawn correctly and also has a totally reworked code structure.

Changelog: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35699-epoch-0304-released-changelog-for-arma-148/?p=245105

Edited by vbawol

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its any chances that I can use Epoch's Monster addons in my single play?

Yes, this is the eventual goal to make the antagonists work on both single and multiplayer.

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Change log for


[Added] Epoch version of the M-900 helicopter with all texture variants.
[Added] Crafting of Energy Packs from electronic components, clean water and near a fire.
[Added] Experimental Sapper Migration Event.
[Added] Increased precision of positions stored in database for Bases, Vehicles, and storage.
[Added] More variations of soldier classes and loadouts (from drone detection).
[Added] CfgBuildingLootPos can be now overridden via missionConfig.
[Added] Weather code migrated into an Epoch Event and code moved to settings pbo.
[Fixed] Typo in esseker.h position only had 2 elements of the needed 3 for setposATL.
[Fixed] Added checks to make sure you can only P2P trade while not in a vehicle.
[Fixed] Re-add missing AiA TP and Bornholm loot positions.
[Fixed] Fixed "no config.bin SmokeShellWhite" error when sapper off gasses.
[Fixed] Environment sounds had been disabled. Removed enableEnvironment false; from client init.
[Fixed] Can't chop down tall trees. Converted to 2d Distance check.
[Fixed] Shipping container doors did not open and threw error. Updated to the 1.48 way of opening doors using functions.
[Fixed] Shoeboxes added to more building on Takistan and any other maps that use the same building classes.
[Fixed] Vehicle storage space has been normalized. Thanks to Uro1!
[Fixed] Missing function compile for helicopter Air Drop.
[Changed] Lower crafting requirement of cinder block wall, from 4 cinder blocks to 2.
[Changed] Removed epoch setWaves sync code as it should no longer be needed after 1.46.
[Changed] Female Ghillies armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
[Changed] Female Wetsuits armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
[Changed] Female Camo Clothes armor, weight, storage now match "Guerilla" gear, like "U_OG_Guerilla2_2".
[Changed] Increased loot position bias for all buildings from 15 to 25%.
[Changed] Enabled Air Drops.
[Changed] Added small chance for primary weapons to be found under green military beds.
[Changed] Land_Laptop_device_F can now be used as a Bank terminal.
[Updated] Config.cfg requiredBuild and hostname for A3 1.48
[Updated] Added bornholm blocked areas to main config and description.ext. Thanks to DarthRogue!
[Info] Server pbo is no longer obfuscated.

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Solar Generator / Energy capacity system:

  • Solar Generator base item can be crafted from items found in the world.
  • When placed gives passive power within (75m Default).
  • Energy capacity system controls how much power is available based on the type of energy source and number of players in area.
  • Personal solar generators have 10 charge rate at day and reduced charge capacity of 5 at night.
  • Wind towers and large solar farms have 100 charge rate.
  • Each player will equally share the energy charge capacity up to the max charge rate of 5 per tick.
  • More solar generators can be built to increase total charge capacity for larger groups.

Wood Towers

  • Can be crafted using a Wood Floor Kit and 4x lumber.
  • First test of the new building upgrade system gives you the ability to use 2x lumber to add a windowed wall to the side you are standing.
  • Walls can be removed and refund one lumber pack.

Wood Walls / Upgrade in Place

  • New upgrade in place options and 4 new plywood walls
  • Building upgrade system now supports multiple options and has new basic UI.

Wood Ladder

  • Can be crafted from 4x lumber.

Base Building

  • Removed base object "Move" in 3d option in favor of a more refined "ghost" snap mode.
  • Can now disable base building by pressing Esc or 'gear' menu.
  • Angle of snapping was incorrect when building on angles.
  • Can now press '2' to disable building snap mode and 1 to re-enable.
  • Normalized snap memory points for wood tower and stairs should make snapping more accurate
  • Issue that caused shifting of some base objects after restart.
  • Only maintain damaged objects and object health is repaired on maintain.


  • New loot/crafting items: (Solar Panels, Wire Cables, Battery Box).
  • Air Drop loot has been Increased.
  • Pumpkin harvesting on Chernarus should now work as "Trash" loot now have separate configs.


  • Cultist make a triumfant return as cultist spawning is now fixed.


  • Fixed JetSki sinking like a rock.
Full Release Notes:

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