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  1. Forky


    yes definetly! Would love to help!
  2. Forky


    The new models are fire! Ive immediately fell in love with them. Especially with the tan camos. But seriously. The reload animations are not good. If I knew how to do stuff for Arma 3 Id ask for the files and do something proper for you. I know some stuff about rigging and animating and got some experience.
  3. is it me or is the new Halo 3 themed Marine not in this update? I thought it would be come with the next one and I see no one else asking this :o
  4. Bloody hell this is great! I still think that some Gloves are missing tho but that aint a big deal
  5. Forky

    RH Pistol pack

    Yus! I cannot wait for these bad boys to be updated, still my must have mod. I discovered some things that may could be fixed easily, but take all your time. The overall Volume of the pistols should get raised a little, they are kind of silent. The Glock 18 has some visual magazine bugs when switching the firemode. (speaking of the glock 18, it would be awesome if the fire selection switch would actually move :D and on the slide there is still a "17" instead of a "18") The pistols may could be a bit repositioned in the pistol holster. thats pretty much everything that Ive discovered. Oh and could it be possible to add attachements for the vanilla pistols? The best sidearm mod since the Arma 3 Alpha :D cheers
  6. You know what I think what might couldnt work correctly on these buildings in arma? The Ai.. they simply walk trough static objects placed on zeus or editor. I dont know if its fixed for now, its a while since I checked this bug
  7. ooh the new m6c looks so good, I hope it comes with the next update is it going to be a new weapon or will those just be attachements for the regular m6?
  8. Where do you have installed the mods? It works fine for me do you have something like playwithsix or any modlaunchers? maybe theyre broken
  9. beautiful bird, but is it beautiful in the cockpit view as it is beautiful on the 3rd Person view?
  10. Yo, I guess this was already aske, but is this mod gonna be clientside? So I can use it on multiplayer anyways?
  11. someone wanna share some WIP pictures?
  12. wait you dont know zeus!? the most handy mission editor ever.. with some mods like ares etc
  13. A longsword and a MA5k huh? Hell yeah but actually, wouldnt it be much wiser to finish the content you already have released before starting to work on new content? Its all your decision, but I think it would be better this way. I mean like those guys from the Imperial Assault mod, releasing package after package, but only when its 100% done. They didnt released their first pack yet, but thats their plan tho oh and how did you people get the ammocounter working?
  14. huh voice acting? If there is still need of it, I could do you something, Im german with a good english pronunciation
  15. Forky

    RH wip Thread

    nah, I mean like the m9 get one pbo and the glocks get one pbo and so on so you can sort out what you dont need of this pack. its not like I dont like some pistols, they are all great, but there are a few that Im never going to play with, and I want a clean Virtual arsenal you know?