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Notable Changes:

  • CUP Weapons and Vehicle mod support added. Server will detect the mods and enable separate loot tables and vehicle spawn tables automatically.
  • CBA mod compatibility added.
  • License change for epoch sandbox survival gamemode to open source APL-SA 
  • Full gamemode and configs now in mission file.

Client Files:

Server Files:


Release Notes:

Changes since

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Arma 3 Epoch 0.5 has been released!

Client Files:

Server Files:


Recent File Changes:

[New] Epoch is leaving alpha and entering beta! All Epoch Asset project sources are now available via our GitHub +LFS and under APL-SA license here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore
[Added] Added Service Point to Rearm, Repair and Refuel. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Added] 7 new Keesha camo skins by Craig Hauer aka ComatoseBadger.
[Added] 64-bit database extension support for Windows (EpochServer_x64.dll) and Linux (epochserver_x64.so) servers. Linux support is pending testing.
[Added] Custom event handler and OnEachFrame hooks added. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Sources/epoch_code/customs Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Added] Crafting recipe: Mortar (Uses: 12x Rock, 2x dirty water) (Requires: Fire and workbench within 3m). Thanks to @baaljayjay for the suggestion.
[Added] Customizability of units spawned by UAV alert via CfgEpochClient > uavAlertUnitSpawnTemplate. (Default: I_Soldier_EPOCH)
[Added] Toxic Smoke Grenades can now be found in the world.
[Added] Respawn in base feature, each player must interact with Jammer and choose "Make Spawnpoint" to enable.
[Added] Selling to traders with bank debt greater than -50000(default), pays the bank debt back to below the limit instead of the player. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Changed] Epoch Message function now supports custom colors. Thanks to @SPKcoding
[Changed] Epoch Event: ChangeWeather has been updated to allow for better random control of weather and defaults to bad weather.
[Changed] Optimized database SET and SETEX calls in both SQF and C++.
[Changed] Optimized database GETRANGE call.
[Changed] Optimized NPC Trading and fixed issue if trade failed. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Changed] Great White Sharks will now spawn if the player is deep enough in the ocean.
[Changed] Objects or Players that have been given "Crypto" variable can be accessed via the dynamic menu (Space Bar) for a "Take Crypto" action.
[Changed] Air Drops are now triggered via Epoch Events server side every 45m at random, instead of randomly triggered client side.
[Changed] To prevent issues with ownership only Group Leader can place a Jammer. jammerGLOnly = 0 in CfgEpochClient to disable. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan and @82ndab-Bravo17
[Fixed] Crash bug when opening base building upgrade menu since Arma 3 1.68.
[Fixed] Wrong variable name in EPOCH_clientRevive.sqf. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Sometimes getting stuck only walking. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Repack of Energy Pack is now possible.
[Removed] EpochServer extension calls 100 and 101 as they are no longer needed.
[Info] Re-add missing comments in some config files.
[Info] Numerous other fixes and optimizations.
[Info] Requires Arma 3 1.68 or higher.

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A3 Epoch Mode V1.3 released

This update has seen us focus on adding some ported Vehicles, Weapons & Backpacks.
Those of you that played Arma 2 & DayZ Epoch will recognize some of the included content.

As well as adding more content, we have improved many things, and also fixed some others, some highlights of the update also include:-

The E-pad Tablet, can be used for server hosts to add custom scripts, server info and even supports html - some apps are included by default (see github changelog)

  • Suicide option with animation
  • Rusty textures for some vanilla A3 Vehicles
  • Admin Menu - you can now 'Search All' configs when spawning objects
  • Loot Rebalance - improvements to the logic of the loot spawner.
  • Jail wall & lockable jail door models are now included in the base building object selection

As always, please visit the Epoch discord or EpochMod.com forum if you have suggestions, ideas and requests for further updates.

To view a more detailed Changelog visit - https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/changelog.md


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Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.1 has been released!

Server Files:

Gamemode File Changes:

Release Notes:

Full Changelog:

Client Files:


Server Files are available here: 


Note: this is meant for updates only as there is no DB folder and all configs appended with "-example". The first-time install would need this -example part removed from the file name and the DB folder from Server Files on GitHub. Other than that it should just override and update the server pbo's and mission files and dll's .





  • Prevent Traders from spawning on containers
  • Advanced Vehicle Repair was not working as expected within custom "SafeZones"
  • Reset Toxic after revive
  • Delay for accurate position on swap building while basebuilding


Server Owners

  • Configs for upgradeable PlotPoles are located in ("CfgEpochclient" >> "CfgJammers")
  • Fixed BE-Kicks in DLC Shop
  • Another login stuck fix (Loadabs-Check)
  • Added possibility the usage of "Krypto" as needed material for building upgradesExample CfgBaseBuilding:
  • upgradeBuilding[] = {{"PlotPole_L_EPOCH",{{"Krypto",1500}}}};
  • Fixed Ban for "commandMenu - RscMenuEngage"
  • New var "AutoLockStorages" in epochconfig.hpp to auto-lock storages on server start
  • Added optional safe variant with less Load than the normal Safe "ItemSafe_s"
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