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Looking for people to play small-scale coop (especially Cold War Rearmed 2)

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I'm running informal biweekly coop sessions for a small group on Saturdays, 4-6pm UK time, which we're running on a server (Arma 2 and Teamspeak 3) based in Switzerland. Since our group is fairly small to begin with, I wanted to ask if there's anyone on the forums who might be interested in joining. There are no attendance requirements, although I'd usually like a heads-up if people are joining or not.

The modset we're working with is basically a combination of Cold War Rearmed 2 (though we also play on Chernarus, Takistan and the other Arma 2 maps) and ACRE, though we're okay with client-side mods like sthud, sound mods etc. The server has a large number of small-scale coop missions (anything from 2-16 slots); many of the ones we play come from Sander's magnificent coop packs. Our playing style is not overly serious; we try to play well, but we don't get hung up on things like realism or milsim roleplaying, and mainly we're in it to have a good time, i.e. singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the back of the jeep while we're en route to Montignac is absolutely okay (if not actually enforced). Most of the people in the group have played with other groups regularly, for what it's worth.

So, to repeat the main points:

  • Biweekly sessions on Saturday 4pm UK time
  • Fun and informal (no attendance requirements), though we still play to win
  • Main mods: CWR2, ACRE
  • Language: English

I'm happy to answer any questions either via PM or on the thread. If you're interested in joining, please send me a PM. Thanks!

Our next session will be on Saturday, 25 October, from 4-6pm UK time.

P.S.: I've checked with MadDogX that it's okay to post this here rather than on the Clans & Fanpages subforum, since we're a very small, informal group.

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It's a great mod and Sander's missions are fantastic. We usually have a great time during our sessions, but unfortunately we've never been enough for the missions that offer more slots, and it doesn't always make for the most fun session to play missions for 10-16 people where most slots are taken up by AI.

Also, Eilte (a CWR2 add-on) is definitely one of my favourite places in all of Arma, whether created by BI or by fans.

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Just something laid-back and active. I'm really into the Vietnam/Cold war theme. I might quit the game soon depending on if the Developers are decent enough to do something about their T-34s.

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