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Less Voice Mod (Radio)

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so as I recently played OFP again abit, the radio voices got abit tiresome after some time. As I didn't want to disable all radio sounds, I created a little sound replacement that deletes:

- all X o'clock sounds

- all number sounds

- all NATO alphabet sounds

- the radio static sounds (looks like they got some new HD equipment)

This seriously speeds up AI communication and limits chatter and for me it's a better alternative to going "deaf" and installing a non-radio mod.

I also replaced the default transmission end sound with this one for a more classy impression:


Dunno, maybe it's fun to sb. so I'm posting it here. :bounce3:




You know the drill... it's a standard modfolder, no need to overwrite the original voice.pbo...




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Looks interesting.

But, could you please create a mirror using a hosting service other than gamefront/filefront? If you're not aware, years ago they started banning dozens of countries from downloading. More info here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?573716-Gamefront-bans-half-of-the-world

Mediafire, google drive, dropbox, ge.tt, etc... those are a more safe bet.

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It would also be nice to make a short video presenting the modified radio protocol :)

+1 for kenoxite

Gamefront is not a solid place for holding files. It's way better to use mediafire or mega.

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Nice,neat modification.Like WW4 with extra feedback.

AI follow the commands very quickly as advertised. :)

Thanks Icewindo.

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