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Mission Template Stand Alone GAIA - Make missions FAST by using MCC GAIA engine

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@ dreadpirate and @killick great call killick!!!  even though I did not have the standalone template Jebus pretty much had it within its folders as well as codelines in mission description and init calling for GAIA. So I am assuming as you stated the mod and the script files were in conflict causing the long delay 15 groups in 5 different zones using gaia  takes around 4 1/2  minutes now which is very acceptable consider I have a lot of stuff going on with in the mission including around another 20 groups spawning in with Jebus until certain events occur to stop the groups from respawning.  Thank you guys for the assist 👍👍 sincerely avibird.


The only downside is you can't tweak gaia parameters adjust AI behavior you need to stay with the mod setup but the positives outweigh the negatives with waypoint creation time and all the other stuff you can add using MCC4 mod to a mission. 

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Test update information.


If I only have 15 groups using Jebus and gaia zone waypoints. Generation time is less than 2 minutes. 


If I have 35 groups in the mission

15 groups using Jebus and gaia.

10 groups using Jebus to respawn with editor waypoints.

10 groups with no Jebus (no respawns) and only editor waypoints or no waypoints at all 


It's taking about 6 1/2 minutes to generate all gaia zone waypoints. What I am seeing when observing through Zeus. The editor waypoints are the first to get spawned then gaia but it will spawn blufor then opfor and then independent group waypoints in that order. 


I had a few armor units with a shit load of editor waypoints circling around my AO over 20 waypoints for each of the 5 vehicles. The majority of units using gaia zones/waypoints was IND groups which is the last thing that gets spawned what I am observing.  


I had 45 groups initially in the mission but I am going to downsize and keep my total groups less then 40. I don't know if real issues was having Jebus gaia folder and the codelines in the mission init and description. I think it's based on how Jebus spawns in editor waypoints first and then gaia waypoints blu opfor and then ind groups in that order as well as this PC was built for Arma2 lol.

GPU I5-2500k @3.30ghz boosted 4.20 

Only 8 GB of memory 

Only a standard hard drive not SSD

GPS AMD Redeon HD 6900. AVIBIRD.




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