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Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

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I cant play this mod :( i am getting this error while i am trying to patch the DLC and the MOD : https://gyazo.com/a878dcfc858696ddb60d2e68e103dbfb also getting this when opening the game : https://gyazo.com/700cd13134079bf88b3254b03a7dc0a3 

AND this 3rd one : https://gyazo.com/46523ded8cf828f5c52306b10a2e33c2 

I am new to these forums so please help me :( i really want to play this game.

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unfortunately we no longer provide support for the conversion process.

it just has proven to be too complicated and error-prone for many people.

we are still trying to get a native IronFront version to A3 out..

so please try the new LITE version instead - now with 512x512 instead 128x128 textures:


if want to get the conversion process done/working regardless,

please head over to Gunter Severloh's IF fan forum where he will continue to provide assistance!


@admin please close this thread

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