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Bin pbo issue and P: drive disappearing

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A few questions:

1)I have an issue with my binpbo. Some of the custom animations defined in the model.cfg doesn't get played in game while a friend of mine see them when he compress the addon using the very same bin.pbo. I tried to uninstall and reinstall binpbo, but no joy so far.

2) Is it important to compress addon folders from the P: drive?

3)I have also an other issue with the P: drive. it often disappear. I guess this is a silly question, but how do you make it reappear?

edit: answer to 3) in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?135675-Why-does-my-P-drive-randomly-disappear

edit2: No issues if I pack the addon from the P: drive, so I guess it answers to 1) and 2). Yet, I don't understand why it is crucial to pack from P: drive???

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P drive is critical to all the BIS tools, including BinPBO

The tools look for special items in P drive when they do their thing.

But "compressing" is not the same as "Binarizing"

You can just "pack" a PBO with BinPBO if you switch "Binarize" off

Third party tools will also pack a folder into a PBO, but they do not Binarize an addon.

Some features of an addon don't work properly unless they are Binarized.

Dont ask what features, I'm yet to find someone actually identifying them all ..... just lots of reports of weirdness. ....

I myself always Binarize to test an addon.

Obviously some A3 features, for the moment (until the updates tools arrive), require Binarizing off.


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