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[CAMP-SP][Invasion 1944] Paratroopers

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SP Campaign: Paratroopers v1.0

Author: tom3kb

This is small and simple campaign for Invasion 1944 mod. We play as British paratrooper (teamleader). Operation Market Garden has just begun and our battalion was dropped on parachutes near Neaville. Our main task: seize and hold bridge on Merderet river.

For playing you need:

ArmA2 Combined Operations v1.62

[ Arma 2 v1.11 and Operation Arrowhead v1.62 ]

Mods/addons needed:

Invasion 1944 mod v2.65


Community Base Addons (CBA)



You have to use CBA for Arma 2 Combined Operations.

If you use newest version of CBA you need only @cba_co (and beta patch).

If you use older version remember to use @cba, @cba_oa and @cba_a2.

For those who do not want to use the beta patch and @cba_co I added to campaign archive CBA v1.0.0 the last version that use 3 folders (@cba, @cba_oa,@cba_a2).


Put folder "tom3kbParatroopers" in your Campaigns folder. If you dont have Campaigns folder, just create one.

For example:

d:\Arma 2\Campaigns\tom3kbParatroopers


v1.0 - first public release


-SP campaign with 4 missions,

-briefing, overview with picture and short info for each missions,

-short intro, outro and 4 cutscenes,

-length of campaign: 2,5-4 hours,

-you can change weapons before mission,

-you play as: British paratrooper (teamleader),

-in few missions player have optional tasks. You dont have to finish optional tasks to accomplish mission,

-bis modules: first aid, animals,

-some modules from Invasion 1944 mod: bolt action animations, armor penetration,

-music from Invasion 1944 mod,

Ps: sorry for my bad english.





Mission repository:



Edited by tom3kb

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I'm working also on mini campaigns for Germans and US soldiers. But my PC was broken in last two days. So i didn't have time to finish them :(

German campaign will be on Winter Neaville, US campaign on Omaha map.

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Thanks for the hard work, tom3kb,

I'll look forward to playing these real soon.

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