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Holster Module

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Hey there, I've just finished a small module and would like to share it with you guys.

It's nothing special. It allows you to holster your pistol and if there is one a Taser/Stun Gun.


To use it :

- Download the file above.

- Put the .pbo file into a "modfolder".

- Start your game using the modfolder.

- Place the module in the editor.

- if you are using a Taser / Stun Gun put this into the init line of the module :

"taserClass = "InsertClassNameHere";".

If not, just leave it blank.

Also feel free to extract the script files and put it into a mission if you wish to.

If you find any bugs, I'd appreciate it if you replied to this thread / PMed me on these forums and told me about it.


It appears that it doesn't want to work at all at the moment. I'll upload a fixed version when I get a chance.

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Okay I added the Module, no Idea how to holster the weapon. No options to holster or anything like that. Am I missing something? I do not have a Taser or stungun so I left the init line blank...

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