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SP - Insertion

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Hello. Let me post the first mission of campaign I'm working at.


Tog - Ammocrate script

Draper - Air Support Script

Kylania - Evidence collection script

Monsada - UPSMON script



Description: Chernaruss government executes ethnic cleansing against russian minority with silent agreement of their american owners. Our duty is to interfere. Scout area for enemy forces, outposts and checkpoints. Try to avoid enemy patrols.

Requirements: ACE -)

Will appreciate any feedback.

Upd: campaign will take place in Podagorsk.

First mission (insertion): https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/download/19428/01_Insertion.FDF_Isle1_a.pbo

You can now choose weapons in briefing.

Second mission of the campaign is here: https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/download/19429/02_Clearance.FDF_Isle1_a.pbo

Though you'll have airsupport available, try not to use the airstrike (use transport heli only). Most enjoyable experience is to play on expert with ASR_AI.

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Real Life has me buried pretty hard right now, but I deeply appreciate the plausible premise of it, and I'll give it a go once I can catch my breath.

Downloading now - playing later. :)

Thank you for sharing!

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I forgot to say "Thank you!" Be grateful for what you're given, eh?

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Nice mission. Enjoyed being Spetsnaz for a change.

I am looking forward to playing the Campaign when it is done.

A few things:

-Your F2 teammate is not using a SD weapon while all the other members are

-The briefing needs more work. I really don't know what my objectives are. "Patrol area" is not much to go buy.

-I like using scopes, but this is my own personal feeling. Iron sights are not my thing.

Good luck!

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Great mission. Really enjoying it so far. My saves keep corrupting so it's making it very difficult to beat the mission. Personally, I prefer ironsights. NV/IR scopes would make the mission too easy. Playing without NV may make it too hard.

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could you make a non-ACE version of it?

I personally don't mind using ACE in missions, but I never really understand why mission makers us it.

I don't really understand a lot about ACE and I guess there must be some special ACE features that mission makers use in their missions when requiring ACE.

My question is, if a mission maker uses ACE, how does a player know which ACE features are being implemented by the mission maker in the mission? Are they noticable?

As a general rule, if ACE features are not implemented in a mission, there is no need to require it, correct?

I'm not directing this at Amra, per say, but just generally speaking in reference to all mission makers.

Some day, I may use it in one of my missions but first I need to understand all the features of it, and as of now, I don't, hence my questions.

By the way, still enjoying the mission. Getting killed, but I enjoy that.

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I'm sorry Wiki, but in my opinion it's okay to make non-ACE mission for BLUEFOR only. Russian faction in original Arma is a joke. As always in BIS games -) But you're free to edit these missions any way you like without permissions.

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