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Hi Wiki,

first of all thanks for the great campaign.

Second, after completing mission 6 when i press on continue, i am being redirected to the campaign menu as if the campaign is over. As i found out from the forum, there are 8 missions in the campaign. So can you or anyone else tell if i am mission something?

Another issue i faced while playing the two missions as special forces is that i get an error like (no entry/weapons_ hk 416_EOD SD) and then i was not able to get SD weapons.

Indeed there were SD weapons but the magazines were not matching except for MP5 SD weapons.

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I am sorry to report that


Operation Desert Wrath v2.0

does freeze my ArmA 2.  Not playable though I did play that campaign a few years back.


Afghan War Diary on the other hand does work and I just finished the first mission.

The second mission is short action that kind of connects to the 3rd one, while the 3rd one is good house to house fighting that folds into tedious house to house searching; this mission crashed for me as well.

Subsequently, this campaign freezes my PC from the 4th mission onwards, tried several times to no avail.


Six Days in Fallujah does start... but the first mission has a bug where the Hospital search objective is never completed with no enemies to be found in this compound. Hence the mission did not end and I cheat-skipped it.


Operation Gothic Serpent's first mission - Arrival - is bug free, but the title pretty much says it all what happens in the mission. Mission 02: Irene is a short hotel clearing mission that has no bugs but it's share of close encounters. Short, but quite enjoyable. The next mission was oddly called 06: Black Hawk Down, and as the title suggests, this one if full of action, with well scripted helo insertions and without any bugs. Quite enjoyable. Mission 07: The Sacrifice turns out to be non-winnable, and features a kind of turkey shoot non stop action. Mission 08. Reinforcements is a rather long walk with scattered resistance that becomes more intense towards the very end.

Mission 09: Rescue Convoy is a short shootout with many explosions. Not much to do here but rather wait and let the Littlebirds do their work.

Mission 10: The Mile is rather long, and it is a bit more difficult than the last one. Not completely easy to get clear of the city!


Operation Spring Fire

Mission 01: Ghost Recon is your run of the mill recon mission where you have to locate AA (though not destroy it) and spend much of the mission on your belly. The contrieved latter part where all enemies crowd your extraction area prompted me to give up and not finish this mission.

Mission 02: AA party was one that featured too many patrols - the team you have got is a liability that invites detection. But, if they don't survive you apparently lose your satchel mules, as I discovered that  1 charge is insufficient to blow up an AA tank. Crawling for hours and intervening APCs teleporting to your position for every silenced shot you fire then were the final nails in the coffin that let me quit this one prematurely too.

Mission 03: The Assault has a showstopper bug where the squad leader does never lead his squad out of a corner from the barracks. With the player a mere sqaddie, the mission therefore never ends.

Campaign verdict: Not one I can recommend playing.


Operation Umbrella

Prelude: Operation Umbrella: Just a short standard "arrive at the base" mission with not much happening.

Mission 01: The Beginning is already a bit scary with the first encounter of the undead. And while it is short, it is also bug-free.

Better late than never: Mission 02: Second encounter spins the story a bit further, the action is still limited, but it does keep the player curious about what awaits during the next mission.

Mission 03. Dr. Ashford is a bit superflous. Just drive a doctor a few hundred meters thru a base.

Mission 04 is unfortunately a very boring taxi service affair, and the last person does not move after getting his notes - showstopper bug encountered here.

Mission 05: Infection is actually very scary, considering ArmA2's somewhat dated visuals, and we encountered heavy losses. The quite different "zombie atmosphere" works well here.

Mission 06: UBSCS has a showstopper for me insofar as I cannot find all 3 items inside the police station in time, meaning before the building is crowded with Undead and my demise is inevitable.

Mission 07: Betrayal suffers from balancing problems as well - my squadmates expend all their ammo, the Undead have strength in numbers, and even a few lightning fast undead women and dogs which waste me and my squad a good 500 meters outbound of the crashsite already. Makes me wonder if this mission concept works in SP at all.

Mission 08: Evac is pretty much the same experience - and worse  - as the player is not even equipped with an antidote. So 1 encounter with the undead spells a time-delayed game over.

Mission 09: Revelations just wraps the campaign up - the only thing important to it are the few lines of radio chatter, and it ends after just a few minutes of no action.


Operation Licorne

Mission 01: Arrival in Lingor - slightly more interesting than previous arrival missions in older campaigns as it includes venturing out of the airport to see the problems of the country first hand.

Mission 02: Peacekeepers: Slightly more difficult and a fitting and moody gentle introduction into a first firefight and escalating the situation in Lingor. Pretty much what the layman expects of UN peace-enforcement/keeping, well done.

Mission 03: Evacuation does not work due to a showstopper. First, an error robs me and my squad of most of the weapons, and then, the evacuees are positioned inside a building that has non-working doors! Cheat-skipping necessary.

Mission 04: Vidora is a nice little conventional infantry action, but reasonalby fun to play and free of bugs.

Mission 05: Ambush is a short and rather intense firefight that is also fun to play and free of bugs.

Mission 06: Hell of a day and Mission 07: Lost initiative are a showstopping pair. Mission 06 ends immediately after the player is killed and leads directly to Mission 07, when in mission 07 you cannot use your rifle's optics to fire off a round.

Mission 08: Evacuation is a great and intense mission. I did not read the updated briefing properly and got an M136 which is not powerful enough against the AAA , but before I could get the Javelin, the next mission objective popped up which was exfil - luckily the few shots the exfil helo took did not bring it down so the mission ended successfully.

Mission 09: First strike is clearly overdosed on enemies....too many of them draining ammo and taking care of my team afterwards. A bit toned down, this would be a great mission, but I was just too tempted to use the endmission cheat due to frustration.

Mission 10: Air Supremacy had to be skipped due to my poor piloting skills.

Mission 11: Pathfinder contains a config error that deletes all rifles from my soldiers, so there was no chance of ever finishing this mission either.

Mission 12: Tank Hunter is pure tedium and possibly bugged - I blew up the tanks and had secondaries all the way on egress, but the objective did not tick off - also, I was not able to ward off the pursuing enemies due to them coming at me through high vegetation and me spotting them way too late...

Mission 13: Tiger's Fangs is one I tried really hard, but my poor piloting skills lead to me being shot down continously, so I cannot really comment in full on this mission.

Mission 14: TELD does not work as a config error deletes the ammo of all 3 sniper rifles at the player's disposal in the Briefing screen.

Mission 15: The Convoy is also ruined by lacking magazines for the primary weapon and enemies sniping through the bush with their AKs in the middle of the night.

Misson 16: Chopper ride is a very interesting concept, but the SAM threat is just a tad too unforgiving.... I gave up in frustration.

Mission 17: Heavy Metal is bugged: 2nd objective does not tick off, and once I disembark my tank to look for remaining enemies on the 3rd objective, my tank is listed as too damaged and the mission is failed.

Mission 18: Airborne is a welcome relief, challenging and bug free, enjoyable to the end!

Mission 19: Close air support is a flying mission I cannot really comment on, because I suck at flying in ArmA2.

Mission 20: Rescue is an action-heavy infantry mission which is enjoyable to play. Just make sure to manually equip your squad in the briefing to circumvent a config error.

Mission 21: Black Dawn is even more interesting than Rescue, and a typical Black Ops style mission that turns into hot combat pretty soon. Well done here.



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