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    Wiki's Creations

    Hi Wiki, first of all thanks for the great campaign. Second, after completing mission 6 when i press on continue, i am being redirected to the campaign menu as if the campaign is over. As i found out from the forum, there are 8 missions in the campaign. So can you or anyone else tell if i am mission something? Another issue i faced while playing the two missions as special forces is that i get an error like (no entry/weapons_ hk 416_EOD SD) and then i was not able to get SD weapons. Indeed there were SD weapons but the magazines were not matching except for MP5 SD weapons.
  2. Mirwais1984

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Mathias_Eichinger : I play with Arma CO version 1.63. i didnt get any other challenging issues other than a bug (machine gun planted in the air on top of ruined room in long range mission) and i was able to call AC-130 during the day despite being mentioned that its only available for night ops.
  3. Mirwais1984

    [SP] Civil War in Chernarus

    Thank you Arigato for making this fabulous mission. I like so far what i am playing of civil war mission. I am facing a problem . when i kill Father and Vladmir in the prison, the alarm goes of and the prison guards kill me despite carrying silenced pistol. Is there a way out of it? And How do you choose to be mercenary? i don't find any sign or anything existing about mercenaries on map.
  4. Mirwais1984

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Hi HeadUp & RCMW, Thank you for making this campaign *THUMBS UP* . I loved playing every bit of it so far but i am facing couple of problems. 1. In the End game mission, I am not able to pick up evidence (pick up evidence option does not appear) therefore i am not able to complete both the task and the challenge. Idk whether if its bugged ( i faced the same issue during capture of Yafiah village in Long Range mission as well and i had to leave it that way). 2. The courier location (objective kill Haqani )in End game mission does not update on the map when i press on the update location. I would appreciate it very much if you say something about these issues. Sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language.